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About Us

About HR Monks

Different people from different walks of life came together under an opportunity. After working together for more than 5 years, they realized they are made for something Bigger and may not be better but surely “The Best”. So, some opened their Logical Left Brains and some opened their Creative Right Brains and some opened both. And the result is THE HR MONKS. We forgot to have a vision statement but we have a clear dream – ” To Become The Best Strategic HR Consultants” not in the industry, but in front of two kind of eyes – In the Eyes of Our Clients and In Our Own Eyes. To achieve that, we created few rules which we named – “The HR Monks Rules”:

ROI Focussed

If you don’t get return on the money you spend by engaging us, it’s a charity. And we don’t accept charity.



We encourage doing same things in different ways and that’s why our most solutions to complex human resource problems may sound “Simple”.


We will ensure always we are not the cheapest one and at the same point of time we will guarantee, we are a valuable one.


Probably, if we don’t add up constant innovation to any work, we will simply decide to stop that work.

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Download our insightful corporate presentation and know how we actually work.

What is Human Resource

Human Resource is not people with pre-fixed roles. Any business needs different works with different type of skill sets. And as these resources come from Human Skills and Competencies, thus we call employees our Human Resource. And that’s exactly what distinguishes an organization from other is resourcefulness of their employees. With rapid technological changes along with socio-economic turmoil physical resources like plant machinery, office equipment and workstation stationery, PC software’s are fast getting obsolete. Along with this change, few job roles are losing importance while newer job roles are getting more important.

It’s part of the organizational Human Resource Strategists to chalk out a new roadmap in striking balance between existing workforce resource and acquiring a newer human resource. The HR managers’ job is to mix and match both types of talents to churn out a cohesive sustainable talent pool. This is the era of a lean and mean Human Resource.

Fresh From Our Brain

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Save Cost Now !!!

The cost of Vacant Positions is much more than the cost of recruitment. Reduce the cost with a Fast and Professional Talent Acquisition Strategy. By Scheduling a strategy call with “The HR Monks” you might feel our Awesomeness apart from saving your cost, time and energy on talent acquisition.