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Competency Mapping

We help you build the base on which the Organization Stands – That’s Competency. 

If you think you can do something, that’s confidence. If you can do it, that’s competence. Both are needed for success.

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No matter how different the organizations are from each other but there are two things common for all: every company recruits and every company conducts training for their employees.

Now some companies manage to recruit the right fit and provide the required training and development to their employees while on the other hand some of the companies recruit but in most of the cases it turns out to be a wrong recruit, these companies do provide training but it is not effective.

Have you wondered what is that difference between the two kinds of organizations and moreover have you ever thought that what is that through which you can understand who is the right fit or how to know what development is required.

Well, the answer to this is probably known to all, – “Competency”.

A competency is defined as a behavior rather than a skill or ability.

It is the competency that differentiates and can help you to have the right recruitment and development plan. Rather it is competency through which you can connect your employees with your organizational goals.

Through competency, you will get a clear understanding what are the skills that are required for the employees to perform and competency will also give you the development areas for each and every employee of your organization.

Competency being such a vital part it is still not implemented in most of the organization.

The HR Monks Organization Competency Mapping & Framework will help organizations develop their competency framework through which you will get the list of competencies that are required for each profile that will lead to the achievement of your organizational goals.

Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e. job evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization.

We will provide you with the desired levels of competencies required for each profile through which you will be able to measure the gaps of your employees and the required development is needed to conduct.

Along with that our customized competency framework will help you to recruit the right fit for each and every position in your organization.

We will help you to connect your entire organization with the organizational goal and we will also show you how much your employees are the right fit and how you can make them the best fit.

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