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Get the power to Know, Focus and Assess what is required for a particular job. A non-traditional approach to the traditional recruitment system. It supports you in making better recruitment decisions based on solid scientific theories using our proprietary tool customized specifically for your organization’s requirement. As a result, it makes your recruitment process effective in direct and indirect ways. Click below button to land up to a call with us now. 

About Customized Online Competency Assessment

As the name suggests, our this service empowers you to assess competencies required specifically for each of the positions your organization has. Thus, this makes your recruitment process effective, efficient and cost saving. With Customized Online Competency Assessments, you get access to the core competencies of a Job position and start assessing exactly what is required in that particular job. 

Below are what you get from Customized Competency Assessment

Competency Architecture for each and every job profile that you have

Job Description as per our standard format for each and every position you have.

Interview guidebook for each and every position that you have.

Access to our Proprietary tool customized for you.

Online Assessment Software with ready customized assessments for each of your job profile.

Access to a super intuitive dashboard to conduct Unlimited Assessments.

Dashboard to Generate reports and Share reports with Interviewer.

Facility to compare candidates on the basis of Overall Competency Level.

Ongoing 24×7 support via support tickets.

How can you get started?

It starts with a short call which gives an opportunity to understand how we are well fit for each other. You simply need to click the below button to schedule a call. Such call can be over Skype or a telecall. Please mention your preference

Our Process Of Implementing Online Customized Competency Assessments

We take up the whole works a project. Starting from Understanding, Developing, Designing, implementing and providing ongoing support for the entire workflow. Below is the outline of the process that we follow:

  • Firstly, we understand your requirement, basic organization culture, and structure. This helps us strategizing and drawing the implementation plan for the same.
  • Then, we study each and every job profile, identify the core and required competencies, create a level at which those competencies are required and create a competency architecture for the job.
  • Then, we conduct a competency assessment in your organization with your existing employees. This gives us a chance to validate and readjust the required competency scales and align the derived competency architecture.
  • Also, you get an interview guideline for each of the positions, which you can share with the interviewers of the respective job profile.
  • Then, we develop the online assessment tool according to the required need. It’s an online tool where you can conduct assessments for each of the job profiles and see and compare reports.

Upon delivery, we maintain the entire system. Our maintenance includes :

  • Hosting of the entire system.
  • Maintaining all the technological updates.
  • Support to your candidates during taking the online assessment.
  • Addition/deletion or modification of your job profiles.
  • In nutshell, taking care of the entire system.

What Is the Need of Customized Competency Assessment

Every job is different. And, each of these jobs requires few core factors whose level for an individual determine collectively determines the performance level of an individual for that particular job profile. These core factors, known as competencies are different for each the job profile that you have in your organization. Moreover, each of these competencies is required at a different level for different job profiles and at different job levels. For example, Presentation Skills might be necessary, a must have for Sales Executive but might not be necessary for a Finance Executive Profile. Also, Strategic Thinking might be required at a lower level for a Manager than the level that is required for a Chief Manager profile. 

Competencies can be of various types  – it can be behavior based, might be on the basis of ability or on a basis of a specific knowledge you are looking at.  For example, your HR Executive profile might be expected to have the ability to calculate salaries and percentages, be good at negotiation skills, should have great social skills, must be initiative and so on while for your production executive profile, you might be expecting the person to have good concentration at work, follow rules and instructions of production properly, be able to cope up with work stress, be cooperative and helping by nature and so on. At the same time, you are expecting the quality control executive to be good in the process, adhere to policies and also, you might be looking for knowledge on a specific subject. In this kind of scenario, you are expecting a different kind of core factors in different job profiles. Hence you need to enable yourself with a tool which can assess or measure different competencies at different levels as well. 

With customized competency assessment, your entire organization will be able to identify the competencies needed for a specific job profile and also, you will be able to define at what level such competencies are expected to be present in a particular job profile. 

You May Not

Need this : 

  • If you are looking for just a software
  • If you are looking for one test for all recruitments.
  • If you are looking for only personality tests.
  • If you think the gut feelings of different recruiters and interviewers are best.
  • If you want to recruit based on Data Norms, not on specific benchmarks especially meant for your organization.
  • If you feel the theories of personalities and psychometrics doesn’t play any role in the organization.
  • If you want to solely depend on a software for recruitment.
  • If you feel a clear job description is not linked to productivity.
  • If you are more focused on filling up the vacant position rather than filling with the relevant one.

How can you get started?

It starts with a short call which gives an opportunity to understand how we are well fit for each other. You simply need to click the below button to schedule a call. Such call can be over Skype or a telecall. Please mention your preference

Advantages of Online Customized Assessments

Though there are various direct and indirect benefits of Customized Competency Assessments, some of the few notable benefits of having customized competency assessments are as follows: 

Well Structured Job Description

As with customized competency assessments, you get a well structured job description for each and every job profile, you will be more clear about the expectation from the job profile and hence, your expectation from the candidate will be more realistic. Also, job description will make searching for the right candidate easy for your team and executive search consultants as well. 

Well Informed and Relevant Applicants

Needless to say, with customized competency assessments, you make your recruitment process much more structured. Also, when anyone applies for your published jobs – be it from social media recruitment or job boards or though consultants or through your internal recruitment team or through references, you will be rest assured that the every applicants clearly knows what is expected from them and what is required in that particular job. Hence, the chances of relevant applications is very high and also, it reduces junk applications. 

Well Prepared Interveiwers

To make your recruitment efficient, just knowing all the factors will not help. The effectiveness depends a lot on the person who is taking the interview. In fact, interviewers role plays the most important role among all the tools and process used in a recruitment. Everyone is different  – so every interviewer will be different as well and will be their interview styles. Irrespective of their nature and styles, the interviews must ask the questions related to the core factors of the job profile and assess candidates on those factors mainly rather than understanding behavior and making guesswork. 

Post implementing Customized Competency Assessments, you get access to interview guidelines for each job profiles, which will help your interviewers to understand what questions to ask to assess each of the core factors of a job profile and how to evaluate the levels of each of those factors.

Access to Candidate Details

While conducting the interview, one of the most important things might be understanding the candidate better beforehand. While the prima facia, the interviewers know the candidate whom they are interviewing through the candidate’s CV. And that’s exactly how the first round of shortlisting happens from applications. 

Though the CV gives a snapshot of where the candidate has worked, where the candidate has studied, where the candidate stays, but, undoubtedly, with the help of the interview guide, the candidate can take much better interview if they know beforehand what can be the probable strengths, shortcomings, and area of development of the candidate on each of the critical factor of the job profile they are interviewing. This will always make the entire interview much effective and well structured. 

With customized competency assessments, you get access to assessments, specifically designed for each of the job profiles, which the candidates can take before the interviews and the interviewers can get the report before the candidate arrives. 

Compare / Shortlist Candidates Logically

Needless to say, with recruitment process re-engineering, you get access to candidates strength and areas of improvement for each of the core factors of a job profile, you can also compare different candidates based on their score on each of the core factors for the job profile. So, when you wanted to select/shortlist few candidates from a long list, or you need to make an order of preference, this tool can help a lot. 

Backed On solid Scientific Theories

Though you get access to different assessments for each of the job profile based on what is required but our entire system is based on widely accepted scientific theories only. Though the tool you get access to is our proprietary tool but its based on different required theories of personality, abilities, assessments  – customized to your requirements.

Make Better Recruitment Decisions !!!

For growing any organization, the only way is to grow it humanely. Whether it is developing people, enhancing organizational culture, adding new talents in the right place, training people on new skills, designing proper pay and rewards, maintaining employee motivation, enhancing Leadership skill – whatever it be, there is a scope of our interventions for sure. And, Customised Online COmpetency Assessment can really help you structure recruitment process effectively and make better choices.


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