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Retention Management

Retention – the area where we help you manage your talent investment. 

Retaining your talent should be more important than Acquiring Talent. 

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For every organization recruiting is the most crucial task but retaining your existing employees are the most important.

If you measure properly an HR of an organization almost spends 50% to 70% of their job in recruiting people, whereas recruiting is just one part of their job.

This is because of the fact that in most of the companies retaining the employees is not the focus area. That’s why recruiting has become a crucial part for the HR people in most organizations.

When an employee is recruited their a lot of cost involved in the same, like the cost of time required for filling up the position, the cost of training provided to the new recruit, the cost of time given to the employee to perform and bring results, the cost of the manager who has mentored the employee and many more.

So, after incurring so many costs, when the employee leaves it turns out to be a loss for the organization. Not only the cost of the wrong hire it also affects the organization in many other ways, like the clientele loss –  as the employee along with him will try to shift the clients to the new organization.

Moreover, if an organization is having a high attrition rate these will affect the branding of the organization, as well as people, may not be willing to join an organization where there is a high attrition rate.

The traditional way of understanding retention management looked at it as a piece of records management. When it comes to retention management, records managers take these understood categories of records and their associated processes and apply them to all organizational information. But this is not going to resolve the attrition issues.

A better approach to address the issues of retention proactively is to view it as a strategic issue.

Every employee is motivated by different things, and retention strategies thus need to be tailored down to the individual level.

In our retention management service, we help organizations to overcome the high attrition rate challenge.  We as an organization believe that your departing employee can be an opportunity for your competitor and through our process; you will be able to retain your employees and achieve your organizational goals.

We will provide you with a detailed report which will contain the various reasons because of which the employees are leaving and a solution how to control the attrition. Our report will also contain graphs through you will understand which is the time, profile, location and reason the employees are leaving the most.

We don’t believe in just conducting a survey and giving a report. For us, the survey is just one of the supporting tools. Our team of consultants connects the departed employees over the phone and understands the actual reasons behind existing and accordingly we create the report.

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Strategic Human Resource can be helpful for organization of any size to develop, grow improve and perform further. Simply schedule a 15 minutes session with us to understand how we can help you in growing your organozation and aligning human resource in the required strategic way.

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