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1. In-house Corporate Training, Keepin in mind the requirement of corporates, we have 4 kinds of schools to develop 4 different segments with a razor-focused approach. These 4 areas being – Improving Communication, Improving Productivity, Improving Managerial Effectiveness and Leadership and Improving Sales. All these trainings are highly customized and they are always delivered as per the organization’s need that we derive through our scientific tools and a detailed discussion with the organization’s stakeholders.

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2. Short Online Training Program, where we will have short training which will help you and your team implement the learnings immediately. Our every such training will be based on real-life experiences, filled with lots of activities. At the end of the training, there is a test in which every participant need to pass to be certified. This is to ensure the participant understood the concepts taught in the training. Each training program is between 20-40 minutes and focussed on one particular area to develop. Rather than running a presentation in a room for 3 days, these short to the point action-oriented training ensure more effective learning. The training topics are focussed on improving productivity and enhancing the professional career.

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3.Specialized Certified Programs, which are specialized long-term certified programs specifically on Human Resource, Organizational Behavior, Organization Development, Managing Employees and Entrepreneurship. These certified programs are long-term by nature, whose duration ranges from 6 months to 12 months. Post completion of training there is an online exam and a project that you need to complete to get certified.

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4.High-End Seminars have those programs, which are highly specialized and conceptualized by us. Probably, these training programs are not easily available. Focussed on improving Leadership and Managerial Capabilities of the Middle Management, these programs are delivered on a specific date, in a specific venue by our expert trainers. This gives an immense opportunity to the participants to network and learn with varied experienced participants from diversified industries and experience under one roof. Typically, these seminars happen for 2-5 days at a stretch. Apart from developing your talents, these seminars can be a great motivation and retention tool for your employees.

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With the power of online technologies and the shift of long training to short actionable training, the training became cost-effective and efficient. And the cost of not training your team is more than the cost of getting them trained. In most of the cases.

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