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Hiring Humanly

We help you acquire Talent talents through strategic humanly methods. If all Executive Search and Headhunters do the same job, then why we are The HR Monks?  Few Thoughts We Have Boldly Broken, And Something New Which We Have Proudly Implemented. There are 3 below Myths that we have taken care of and made our works effective, efficient and popular:

Myth #1 Candidates Need to be constantly called and we need to create interest.

A job position is always fulfilled when it’s a demand pull rather than a demand push. Employment is a relationship. Hence, we ensure every candidate applying through us, whatever position it be, thoroughly reads and understands the job responsibilities and the client company. Hence, we appreciate candidates to voluntarily land up straight to our dedicated Job Board. We strongly believe that if we need to motivate or so-called sell the candidate a career to apply for a job, there is a high probability that the motivation, performance and the eagerness to explore new things in the new assignment will be not good. Also, this ensures a great reduction in dropout percentage. Our job is not need-based selling. Rather it’s a need and interest-based inbound matchmaking.

Myth #2 Social media is only for personal connections.

With 30% of millennials saying they engage with a brand on social at least once a month, your strategy can’t be only about cold calling from job portals. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 258.27 million social network users in India, up from close to 168 million in 2016. The most popular social networks in India were YouTube and Facebook, followed by social app WhatsApp. Facebook is projected to reach close to 319 million users in in India by 2021. Gone are those days, when we used to segregate personal and professional sphere of our life. This era is beyond any personal and professional sphere. It’s about connecting Human and being authentic. We have built up a strong presence on social media channels especially Facebook and YouTube, where people stay connected and they get all updates, shares their views and much more. It’s an online community that we have created.

Myth #3 Long CVs and Large Number Of Candidates

Gone are those days when there used to be Long CVs or a huge number of profiles sent for a position. With technological advancements coupled with a solid research backbone, you get profile snapshot for every profile from The HR Monks, which helps you know the relevant details about the candidate in just one page. Also, with our three-level profile filtering, you get the most relevant profiles for a position which makes your work accurate and easy. Being a consultant, we believe it’s our job to understand each profile we are sending to you and do the filtering rather putting additional pressure on you. Along with saving time and energy, you minimize rejection chances as well.

We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We all know, recruitment itself is complex. Hence we have kept our process simple for you so that we can understand your complexity rather than you seeing our long PPT on our process. It’s just 1,2 and 3. Rather you can say – It’s as simple as that.


Mail Your Requirements

Just share your requirements with us and we will start your recruitment campaign on different channels.


Shortlist / Interview

Shortlist candidates and let us know. And we will set up interviews for the same.


Hire The Best

Make the final selection and we will take care of pay negotiation and joining formalities.


Why Choose Us

Our Experts

Being into Human Resource domain, you must have searched candidates and taken interviews. But still, why we call ourselves experts is because our dedicated team of executive search does only this and only this. And this daily practise makes our executive search team “Experts.”

ROI Focused

It’s quite obvious that when we dedicate our Infrastructure and Human Capital to you where your acquiring cost is variable and you pay only for results, nothing can garner better ROI than this.

Quality vs Quantity

The quality of our profiles sent to you, your super low rejection rate, candidate turning for interviews and the way candidate will interact with you will always make you feel that our understanding is simply crystal clear for any profile we work for.

Multiple channel Campaign

Not just searching keywords. Rather we work on your profiles with Social Media, Inbound Strategies, Headhunting, Own database, References and much beyond. Hence this multi-channel approach helps you getting access to the untapped profile as well.

Profiles Than CVs

This is one of our foundation on which our talent search is built. Why you need to insource talent search to us if you need to browse tons of CVs, read them and shortlist. Our profiles are created in such a way that you get to know the main points about a candidate in few seconds. It saves your time and energy – both.

Reducing Wrong Hiring

With our Three Level Profile Screening method and then your rounds of interviews can easily reduce the cost of wrong hiring to a great extent if not nullify it. This is very vital as the direct and indirect cost of wrong recruitment sometimes becomes fatal for any organization and its control is a great achievement.

Our Experience

The hunt for talents who can be the thought leaders, innovators or exceptional strategists capable of delivering impactful contribution towards the growth of your organization has never been so challenging. Leverage our expertise to build a super performing team.










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Our Process

When the process is set, Performance starts!!!

How we will work for you… Get to know in 15 minutes !!!

Schedule a 15 minutes session with us and discuss with us your recruitment challenge and we will surely come up with a solution on how we can handle the challenge and work together. 15 minutes is enough to open up a gate of possibilities of implementing effectiveness, speed and right strategies to your process.

The Process is not Innovation – its Implementation is for sure !!!

Understanding You and Your Need:

We never undertake any project without understanding what we want to understand. This happens mainly over telephone or skype along with the help of our research team. Ideally, we try to picturize and understand Your Organization, Your Position, The Critical Factors required for the position, The Competencies one should look at, The Employment Benefits, What can be the ideal candidate type, Your Recruitment Process, Timeline and so on. This is the first step to our approach.

Planning Strategies for your Sourcing:

This process is our internal process. This process of talent search involves teaming up the right people for the project based on their expertise, training the team, identifying different channels for sourcing, planning campaigns, and its timelines, creating a telecasting pitch, developing a small organization profile of yours and much more. All the right-brain creativity and left-brain activities are planned in this step.

Implementing Search, Network and Social Campaigns:

This stage is one of the most critical steps. We ensure our heart are always into implementing what is planned and we use our control measures and analytics to understand what we are doing, which thing we need to do more, which areas are Focus Areas, where we need to change and so on. This process keeps on moving and improving till the time we are not happy with the desired outcomes. And here Desired Outcome is getting interested candidates for your sourcing requirements.

Short listing, Screening and Finalizing:

This stage involves collating the list of interested candidates and first level shortlisting based on requirements. Then, the screening is processed by our team of Talent Sourcers allocated for your project through an interview either over the phone. Once the same is done, each of the candidates is further screened by our senior talent sourcers. This screening method may include one more interview, discussion with talent sourcers, further clarifications, etc and the prime objective of the stage is – “ Our entire team is convinced about the candidate whose profile The HR Monks will send to you”

Creating Candidate Profile and Sending:

In this stage, we create candidate profile in our way and send it to you. We create the profile snapshots so that you get the highlights of a candidate in just a few seconds after seeing the profile. It saves your time and energy. If you need to read the entire Curriculum Vitae of a candidate, and then understand it – then probably we are not efficient as a consultant. That’s exactly what we believe.

Managing Operational Workflows in Talent Search:

The Operational Workflows in Talent Search works as a support factor for the entire process. This includes understanding your feedback, scheduling interviews with the candidates you want to, getting interview feedbacks, communicating proper feedbacks to the candidates, schedule further rounds of interviews, ensure the other recruitment coprocess ( background verification, assessment etc. ) if any are done smoothly, negotiating the offer on your behalf with the candidate, finalizing the employment deal, providing support in candidate joining, sharing post joining candidate feedback with you, taking your feedback about the candidate and much more. All these and beyond works are managed by our support and operations team.

The Benefits Of Right People in Right Place with Right Competency


Greater Profit

When you have a greater number of employees at the right place, your business process gets streamlined and operations at production facilities become more organized. As a result, you harvest greater profit.


Great Learning Curve

Right people in right place enjoy greater success at work. And success fuels the hunger for betterment, learning newer job-related know-how and spirit of doing things differently. These are the foundation of a learning organization and rest assured that soon you will enjoy a great learning curve.


Better Sustainability

While facing economic and business uncertainties you need to re-align your business strategies and goals. Just as seasoned sailors withstand the storm at the ocean, right people in right place at your organization can help you steer better strategies at the foul weather.


Homogeneous Diverse Workforce

Right people at Right place ensures greater homogeneity in the diverse cross-cultural workforce. Employees have who have better job competencies are open to new ideas, learnings, and cultures and ensures a tolerant office culture.


Better Work Culture

When you choose right people for your bus, rest assured journey of your enterprise would go past greater milestones. Right people create great vibes at the workplace which ultimately improves work culture in leaps and bounds.


Effective Retention

Right people in Right Place are happy at work and naturally engaged employees. With greater employee engagement, employees spread good vibes around and thus more and more employees stick to your organization.

Save Cost Now !!!

The cost of Vacant Positions is much more than the cost of recruitment. Reduce the cost with a Fast and Professional Talent Acquisition Strategy. By Scheduling a strategy call with “The HR Monks” you might feel our Awesomeness apart from saving your cost, time and energy on talent acquisition.

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