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Know us before we know you!

Know About Us and How We started

Know Us

How did we start?

Well, something happened over coffee!

It was August 2016, in a small coffee shop at Kolkata – ” The City Of Joy” we started with a cuppa. Few different people came together under an opportunity who were searching to create a shift in the recruitment industry.

Having worked together for more than 5 years, they realized they are made for something Bigger – to create a shift – to create a change for betterment in many peoples’ lives.

So, some opened their Logical Left Brains and some opened their Creative Right Brains and some opened both. And the result is HR Monks . Finally, the kid was born on 17th September 2016.

Then We Framed Ourselves

We had a clear dream – ” To Become The Best Strategic HR Consultants” not in the industry, but in front of two kinds of eyes – In the Eyes of Our Clients and In Our Own Eyes. To achieve that, we created a few rules which we named – “HR Monks Rules”

ROI Focussed

The best return on investment is how many innovations your employees bring to your organization every year.  We focus on Human factors more than anything else.



Our mission is to constantly add value to your human resources, we measure our success by the number of future leaders we are adding up to your pipeline.


We encourage doing the same things in different ways and that’s why our most solutions to complex human resource problems may sound “Simple”. Its simplicity, we live with.


Probably, if we don’t add up constant innovation to any work, we will simply decide to stop that work.

Moving Foward…

Currently, we are fully focused on Scaling Up our Executive Search Business and we are creating some online products which can help the organization to manage talents better. We have defined our Tag Line, Our Mission and Laid Down Our Values as well.

Our Tag Line

“Change For Betterment! “

Our Mission

To help the organization grow by providing the right opportunity to the right talent at the right time. To become “The Most Preferred Talent Consultant” for small and medium enterprises.

Our Values


Service & Product Leadership

Customer Excellence


Process Driven

MONK -eys

That’s what we call our team. All the Behind the Scenes unveiled.

Bapi Roy

The Office Maker


Bapida, with his all-pervading inquisitiveness, keeps himself busy all day long in making the Monk-eys feel at home at The HR Monks abode. He takes care of all the whims of The HR Monks’ team and finds happiness in fulfilling them. Apart from Inhouse works, he takes care of all the required purchases, collection of different documents, ensuring logistics and much more. He is an inseparable part of The HR Monks soil, from where the organization has taken its roots.

Ankita Ghosh

Talent Sourcer


Ankita has recently joined The HR Monks team as a Talent Sourcer. After doing B. Sc in Botany she had quite an eventful career before she came to our Team.

She started her career in Wipro in an Admin role. Then she switched to recruitment and found a new passion for making a match between dream careers of candidates and the challenging organizational needs of various companies in different profiles. In the future, she is contemplating pursuing a degree in Executive MBA.

At The HR Monks, she is now enjoying helping organizations and changing lives by connecting talents with opportunities.

Ankita’s passion is listening to music and traveling across different corners of India. And she is a complete foodie. She loves the taste of India


Mayuri Mazumdar

Talent Sourcer


Mayuri came from Assam to explore the hustle of Kolkata and has quietly joined a mission to change lives. She has joined the HR Monks and slowly transforming lives of career aspirants with the ethos of the HR Monks. 

While she is not at work she loves cooking and chilling with friends. She is turning a new leaf in a new city.


Anamika Deybakshi

Talent Sourcer


Anamika has joined as a talent sourcer in The HR Monks . She is a management graduate in Finance and Marketing. She started her career as an Academic Counselor at a Management College. After guiding students to choose their dream career, she later made up her mind to become a human resource professional and joined as a recruiter.

This is her second organization as a recruiter, and here she is helping career aspirants to find their dream jobs.
Anamika is very fond of Indian culture and tradition and she unwinds herself by enjoying dance and music.


Ritika Sachar

Talent Sourcer


Ritika is a new member of The HR Monks family. She is very focussed about what she wants to achieve in her life. She is in a mission to help career aspirants achieve their dreams. Apart from taking care of sourcing talents, she helps in carrying out different assignments of the Monks Team. 

When she is not working she loves exploring the city of Kolkata with her friends and family. She enjoys life. She loves to spend time by the pool in her leisure time.


Sayak Ghosh

Senior Consultant


Sayak takes care of both recruitments and assessment projects of The HR Monks team. He loves helping people finding their dream job.

He started his journey in career leaving the shores of Waiting for Godot and found The HR Monks a better place, where he can change the lives of people by helping them achieve their dreams.

He has been to quite a fewer place across India and loves to travel. He loves two books, in particular, one Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and the other The Shift by Dr. Wayne Dyer.


Polly Sarkar

Principal Consultant


Polly is part of the great old monks family, from where The HR Monks has grown into a big family. She has witnessed the birth and growth of this organization and supported the organization in all seasons.

She loves painting, and she is greatly influenced by ZIg Ziglar. Currently, she is busy in sketching the destiny of The HR Monks, which is striving to be into the league of Top 10 Executive search firms in the SME sector. She loves innovation and experimenting with things, and dreams of touching all the corners of the Globe one day.

She has another mission, which is helping the specially privileged children getting the proper education. This is one of her dream projects.


shouvik lahiri Hr monksShouvik Lahiri

Chief Strategist



“Strategizer| Explorer| Enjoys Silence| – That’s what I am & That’s What I do |” – Thats how Shouvik defines himself. An avid photographer, a Raghu Rai enthusiast, who also eats, sleeps and dreams the Vision of Steve Jobs, Shouvik has given the birth to The HR Monks in a vision to change lives.

Greatly influenced by the passion of service of Mother Teresa and Karmayoga of Swami Vivekananda, he dreams of building an organization of HR family, who will not only serve the nation by creating India a happy work-home but also creating a monks team who takes work as worship.

In his personal life, he is touched by Dr. Wayne Dyer who believes in a shift.


Whom We Have Served?

We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent.

Probably our ratings say, we all live our values together !

A very good executive search consultancy in sourcing Right candidate for a Company.

Alok Shyamsukha

One of the best consultancy in Kolkata.

Himadri Biswas

The follow ups from the HR monks and the help they provide is excellent. You can trust on their work.

Nandan Biswas

HR Monks team operates in a extremely professional manner and run by very matured and empathetic personnel who strive to provide best industry, best job environment, and best services to the deserving candidates. I wish more and more colourful feathers to be added on their cap in the days ahead.  All the best Team HR Monk.

Rups Roy

HR monks contacted me through my Naukri profile, they managed the interview, called me continuosly to know the progress and if there was any trouble along the way, they tried their best to solve it for a smooth interview and joining process into the company. The team of HR monks is extremely professional and helpful from my experience. My contact person was Ritika Sachar from HR Monks, and i would like to thank her for her patience with me and the long joining process and for assisting me throughout.

Suryashis Bhattacharjee

HR Monks is very professional when it comes to providing consultancy in job related matter. I was very lucky to have you guys in starting my new journey. Both Sovick and Polly are very friendly in consulting. Thanks HR Monks.

Bhaskar Das