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The world is grappling with a crisis, COVID-19 has dominated the headlines and has been creating panic and anxiety in the population. Social distancing has been suggested and is a very important step to fight the battle against this deadly virus. Here are 5 tips on taking care of your mental health during this crisis.

Every individual has different ways of coping with tough situations in life. For some, meeting friends is a way of managing their mental health while for others, being all by themselves is the best strategy.

At this time, when most people are working from home, adjusting to a work from home routine can be challenging. While people are adjusting to this new way of working, in the absence of certain factors like workspace, colleagues; it is important to minimize the amount of pressure we take on ourselves to be as productive as we used to be.

This is the time when everyone should focus on self-care and should set realistic goals and expectations.

Here are 5 tips on taking care of your mental health during COVID-19 anxiety:

5. Separate what’s in your control from what’s not:

Everything currently is not lost. We can focus on things that are under our control. We should remain calm and routinely wash our hands, take precautions. We surely can control our response to any given situation.

4. Limit the consumption of news:

An important point is to try and focus on news that spread positivity and encourages us to hope for the better. We should minimize watching-reading and listening to news that causes anxiety and make us feel hopeless. Seeking information from desired and trusted sources can help us protect oneself and our loved ones.

3. Ensure Self-Care:

There are several things one can do to ensure this step. It’s the best time to tap your creative self. One can keep oneself occupied by working from home, doing household chores, reading books, listening to music, exercising, etc.

One should focus on improving one’s own physical and mental health. Ensure that you’re eating, sleeping well and exercising. All this helps build immunity, keeps stress at bay and ensures mental peace.

2. Stay connected:

This lockdown and the current scenario is the best time to keep in touch with family and friends. One should use technology smartly and should video call or make telephonic conversations with their loved ones.

1.  Be aware and stay in the present:

Everyone should focus on what’s happening presently and should not worry much about what’s going to happen or what hasn’t happened.

If someone’s worry is compounding, notice the sights, sounds and other sensory experiences in your immediate surroundings and concentrate on them. Engage in mindful activities and stay grounded to be in the present.

To conclude, everyone is fighting this situation and is in this together. So, don’t worry and share what you are experiencing with others. Follow these 5 tips on taking care of your mental health.

It is important to acknowledge your evolving emotional needs right now and to take care of yourself and your loved ones.