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“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

― Neil Gaiman, Coraline

As a child, we must have read fairy tales. And we must have enjoyed that. Because some books are like magic – they lift our soul and make us happy. They can be our best friends too at times of loneliness. They can be the best teacher, philosopher, and guide to find positivity in life.

When we are at uncertain times, or our career is taking a downturn, or we face personal loss – we question the meaning of our life. We stop having faith in our destiny. So, it may be the perfect time to dust a few time-tested old books which may light our way.

Happiness and positivity in life come from peace. It comes when you lockdown from the outer world and listen to silence, understand the meaning and light of life. There are many books which can shift your life. But these 3 most significant books can help you to find positivity in life.

Today I shall discuss 3 most significant books that changed the outlook of my life. I have seen many negative moments in my life, where I almost lost hope and faith. But these are the three books that set me free from my fear always and made me accept the situations calmly. And the storm passed.

3 most Significant Books that can help you now to find positivity in life:

1. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank:

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne says in this book. It’s a beauty of positivity. It’s a hope of hope. You need to hold on when things are dark and wait for the oranges to come on the blue horizon.

In the same book she tells: “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” This book was published on 25th June 1947. After 73 years when we almost lost faith in all the good things in life, we see we all have not lost our goodness of heart. We are helping each other now selflessly.

“Whoever is happy will make others happy.” Your happiness can give hope to others.

Though everybody knows Anne Frank, for those who have forgotten her, she “Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank” was a German-born Dutch-Jewish diarist. One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, a hope for many lockdown moments.

2. The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning by Wayne Dyer:

If you are finding this uncertain period making you question your existence and you think you are failing in life, read this book:  “Becoming the observer (step back) you begin to live in process, trusting where our source is taking you. You begin to detach from the outcome. That detachment allows you to stop fighting and allows things to just come to you; you no longer make things happen but allow them to show up. The fight is gone!”

This book will give you peace and find the inner happiness of the passage of your existence. Here is a long excerpt from the book I am sharing:

“As we become one with our Source, we begin the realignment process, thinking and contemplating more like God. We gain the wisdom necessary to understand these words written by Thomas Troward: “If you contemplate with thoughts that match originating Spirit, you have the same power as originating Spirit.” This idea is anathema to the ego. But the wholeness, the oneness, that we truly are, is revealed as we begin trusting the wisdom that created us.”

Wayne Walter Dyer was an American self-help author and a motivational speaker. His first book, Your Erroneous Zones, is one of the best-selling books of all time, with an estimated 100 million copies sold to date.

3. The Power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy:

In this book, ‘The power of your subconscious mind’, in this book you can find spiritual wisdom and scientific research that brings to light how the sub-conscious mind can be a major influence on our daily lives.

“The only path by which another person can upset you is through your own thought.” – this can be vital learning for you from this book. You are the pilot of your positivity in life.

How to find positivity in life in harsh times? “Busy your mind with the concepts of harmony, health, peace, and good will, and wonders will happen in your life.” – there is this solution. This valuable book helps to understand an reaffirm the healing power of our daily prayers, “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire. Your desire is your prayer. It comes out of your deepest needs and it reveals the things you want in life.”

This is one of the most significant books than can help us to find positivity in life, – “Never finish a negative statement; reverse it immediately, and wonders will happen in your life.”

I am sure in this newfound break; you shall be reading a lot. And I hope these 3 books will be a treasure trove for your faith and happiness in your life. Embrace positive thoughts to take care of your happiness.