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There are various ways and processes of goal setting and success. People talk about the do’s and what not to do for getting success. All these are very important because it helps us to lay a process to reach our goals step by step but there is something more that is required as well.

In spite of so many resources and guidance there are few you reach the top and achieve what they want and the main difference lies in belief and faith. People who don’t have the belief and faith in themselves, no process or any guidance can make them achieve.

Believing in self and having the faith that you can do it is the first thing we need to build before we follow any process or take any guidance. If we read about any successful people we will find that they always had the belief and faith in themselves that they will do it.

To be successful you need to believe and have faith that you can be successful. It helps us:

To be Confident:

When we start working on achieving and accomplishing anything, there are times when people around us demotivate us by saying this is not possible or maybe it is not for you, etc. When you have the belief and faith in yourself and your dreams no matter what others say your confidence that you can do it will not change

To be Focussed:

When we work on achieving our dreams there will be times when things will not work as planned or the situations will come up that might distract you from your goal. But it is your belief and faith that will not let you get defocussed from your goal.

To-Do whatever it takes:

Getting success or accomplishing anything cannot be easy. Nothing comes easy and ready-made it requires hard work, dedication and letting go of everything that will distract you from your work. You need to be day-in and day-out working towards your goal. Your every minute needs to be devoted to your goal. This devotion can come from your belief and faith only.

To become Mindful:

Mindfulness is very important for getting success, It works like detoxification, helps you to keep your mind relaxed and positive. Every success story has many failures, struggles and hurdles behind it. There are times when you might feel like giving up. But if you have the belief and faith it will help your mind to stay mindful and will not let you give up no matter how bad the situation or time is.

To achieve something first you need to get the clarity of what and why you want and then you need to believe and have faith that you can be successful.