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Today is Deepawali – the festival of lights. Its afternoon here in Kolkata and I was just seeing people getting their diyas and electric lights ready to decorate their homes today evening. “Deep” means light and “Awali” means a row. Hence the word Deepawali means a row of light. Also, Diwali is believed to be a day to welcome Prosperity and to celebrate this day, people set off fireworks, light candles or diyas, decorate their house, clean their homes and have assorted sweets, savories in their homes. 

While I am seeing people around me busy preparing for this festival of light, I thought of writing a blog on “ Lighting your inner self” this Diwali. Here is what

Lighting for Self Awareness: Sometimes, in this journey of life, we become very busy in creating our life by fulfilling our wishes, availing the best facilities, fulfilling responsibilities and making our and our loved one’s life secured that we lose our self-awareness.

Our life starts with one confirmation – we all will die. So, probably the meaning of life is far beyond just earning money, buying a house, buying cars, raising children, strive for great savings and then – die. All these are important parts of our life but probably they are not the ultimate or only purpose.

Lighting for self-awareness can answer you what you want from life and what’s the purpose of our life. Every person has a different answer. So, if you are not yet aware, probably it’s time to light your inner self and become self-aware.

Lighting for Thankfulness: As I mentioned above, every life is different, so every situation is. For example, today – this Deepawali, someone might be struggling for INR1000 and looking for way-outs to earn that, someone might be spending INR 1000 from their hard-earned saving to celebrate Deepawali, someone might have spent more than INR 1000 to gift others and someone might have bought firecrackers for more than INR1000. Hence, though we are born with the same process, every life and every situation is different.

Sometimes we get so much indulged with our needs and wants, that we start seeing and focusing on what we don’t have rather than what we have. Also, we start comparing other lives and feel dissatisfied or jealous. So, that is your situation, its time to light your inner self and thank for whatever you have till now. You have already got the best possible gift – your life. And, there is a reason behind everything that happens to us – we might not realize the reason immediately, but there is a reason for sure.

Though we all should strive for betterment, we should be thankful for what we already have. And once you are aware and happy about what you have, you start working and strategizing better for your betterment.

Lighting for Forgiveness: Another factor that might create a dark layer between us and our inner core is forgiveness. I will again refer to what I wrote above – every journey is different. So, its quite obvious that people might not match up your expectations. Also, there might be a situation where you have done something wrong with someone. But, both cases have already happened. You have no control over that anymore. Believe me, everyone does whatever is best for them in that situation.

So, if you are not happy with something that’s done by someone, you should simply forgive them and if you realize you have done something wrong with someone, seek forgiveness and go ahead. You can do that silently by talking to your inner self as well. You will get nothing if you hold grudges – you will feel negative if you do so. If you are facing such, its time to light your inner self and find out what’s there you are holding and forgive those or seek forgiveness and go ahead.

Lighting for Hope: Again starting from the top – Every life is different. We might have different plans. If it’s worth and not harming others, you can achieve whatever you want from the core of your heart. Only attracting that will not work – you must believe in what you want to achieve, have the strategies to achieve what you want and constantly review yourself and your actions. Your faith, plans, strategies, and actions – they define whether you will be able to achieve something you want or not.

Most of whatever happened in our lives and where our life is currently – they are results of what we believed, what we planned, how we strategized and whether we have taken action or not. There might be something that you want to or wanted to achieve or do – but you gave up. If it’s worth enough and makes your life meaningful, its time to lighting your inner self, change your belief and work on achieving what you want. It’s never late to achieve something you want until you die.

Lighting for Giving: There is a theory that whatever you give, comes back. And that’s one of the prime reasons, I have seen many people giving with the only purpose to get back. Some people / big companies do charity – but in some cases, it’s to save taxes. There are few people, who give poor people something on some specified days – because someone predicted it will help them get something they want. These are not giving.

Our life is a beautiful gift given to us. And when we were forming, there was nothing in our control. We were not knowing how we will look, how our eyes will be – we never had any control over that. In this world, we don’t process anything. We have come without anything – so, nothing belongs to us permanently.

So, if we are blessed with something more than others, we must share that with the universe. It helps you to maintain the flow of energy as well. Also, to start giving, you need not have more. If you don’t have much to give – you can give experience to people for sure.

People remember the experience more than any material thing. So, sharing a smile, helping people to achieve something if possible, loving people, sharing knowledge, sharing some guide to improve skills which can help people – there are so many things you can give. The only thing is you need to have the intent to give. So, if you have not started the practice of giving every time, probably its time to lighting your inner self with the light for giving.

Though it’s not easy to light your inner self like you can light a candle or diya or switch on a light or light a firecracker. It takes time to light your inner self. It requires practice. But at least you can start today lighting your inner self by being aware of these 5 lights and make your life illuminated!

May you illuminate your life by lighting your inner self with self-awareness, thankfulness, forgiveness, hope, and giving. The best light is always within us! Happy Deepawali!