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With this COVID19 outbreak where everyone is stressed and tense. We are all worried about how this is going to affect our economies, some people are even worried about their job securities.

We all have been discussing with each other that by when all these are going to get over. We don’t know anything and honestly, nothing is in our control, we can just hope and pray that things get better as soon as possible.

Between all these uncertainties, this current lockdown situation has taught a lot of things to me and some of the positive takeaways are noted below.

6 things that I have learned from this lockdown:

6. Work from Home is not only for the IT industry:

Earlier work from home was mostly for the IT people. Working from home was always challenging for most of the industries and people, but because of the current situation mostly everyone from different industries has started working from home.

It is no more a challenge. We have learned that a person who wants to work can work from anywhere it is not necessary that only from the office we can be productive. In fact, schools have also started teaching online.

So now a student of class 6 knows how to connect and operate on Zoom & Skype. There are some technical job roles that require physical presence, otherwise, apart from them, work from home is possible.

5. We became more healthy:

People like me who use to survive on fast foods eating all unhealthy stuff and becoming unhealthy day by day, but with this lockdown where there are no fast foods available we all have been happily enjoying home-cooked foods.

We all are getting habituated with simple foods and getting more time to do exercise

4. Our Air Pollution has reduced:

Growing up in a hill station where the sky has always been beautiful, clean and clear but after shifting to this city I have always seen hazy skies but again I get to see clear blue skies every morning. With the low movement of cars, our environment has become clear.

3. We are Getting to spend time with loved ones:

Apart from any occasions we hardly use to get time to sit down and have a normal chit chat with our loved ones. Every one of us was so busy with our regular routine that we forgot what family time is.

Now since we don’t have anywhere to go so all of us are getting a chance to spend some quality time with our loved ones. We are also getting time to relive our childhood memories by playing games like Ludo, chess, cards, etc.

2. No one is in a Hurry:

I have always seen everyone including me in a hurry. Sometimes in a hurry to reach office, sometimes in a hurry to submit projects or sometimes in a hurry to reach home. We all have been running all these years, now we got some time to relax and not be in a rush.

1. Better Connect with Self:

Well with our regular schedule mostly all of us have lost the connection with self. We have forgotten what we like and what we enjoy.

The time we got now where we are not in a hurry, we are getting time to connect with ourselves, listen to our inner voice and understand how we want to go ahead from here. We all got a chance to revisit our goals and find out where we are going wrong.

Of course, this is a difficult time where people are in fear and trouble. But most of these are not in our control, So, probably seeing some positive aspects to it can let us pass this time with more ease and happiness. Stay Safe!