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What are the essential do’s and don’ts when you work from home? What keeps you more productive when you are working remotely?

Work from home has been announced as a mandatory precaution against the coronavirus outbreak to many of the people around the globe. Millions of employees, managers and even CEO’s are for the first time working remotely from the home.

Work from home or working remotely is not a new concept. Many companies have adopted this practice decades ago. Today we have many virtual companies too whose staffs work from home only.

There has been a lot of anxiety over the covid-19 outbreak and it’s really hard for the time being to focus on your work when your area is under lockdown. You may be overwhelmed by the thoughts about how to manage foods, get essential commodities or protect your family from this disease.

Additionally, being cut off from friends and colleagues can make you insecure about your job and you must be feeling helpless.

So how in these uncertain times you can keep focused at work? What can give you back the same productivity when you are working remotely? What are the essential do’s and don’ts of work from home?

The antidote of such negative thoughts can be your work only. For our mental health wellbeing, we must focus now on our work more than ever. Being engaged at work helps us to stay focused on the present and keeps away negative thoughts.

Here are 5 essential do’s and don’ts when you work from home which makes you more productive:

1. Meditate Daily to Stay Positive and Productive:

There are so many blogs now available on the web which tells even for leaders and CEO’s now it’s too important to practice daily meditation. Can you guess why? This is one of the essential do’s of boosting your productivity while you work from home.

Daily meditation is a process of deep breathing which not only soothes our nerves but also releases essential body hormones that keep us relaxed and helps to stay focused on the present. Your attitude becomes positive and your concentration improves dramatically.

2. Do Bodyweight exercises or Yoga for 30 min:

Bodyweight exercises or Yoga are the best exercises that you can do anywhere, and it can be done without any instruments. These are exercises with minimal risk of hurting yourself accidentally, as well as these exercises are best for relaxing and toning your body.

A brisk exercise for 30 min a day, will help your mind to stay positive and ward off negative thoughts along with boosting your immune system now. It also ensures you don’t jump off the bed at the last moment before you open the laptop for working (essential for those who are now working at daytime).

3. Don’t Be in Pajamas While You Work:

Don’t be in the pajamas while you work. Take a proper shower and dress like you are going to the office. This helps to send neuro-signals to your brain that it’s time to work. Dressing in office attire, will not only make you concentrate more at work; but it too helps your mind feel the ease of the old office habits.

4. Make a Designated Workstation at Your Home:

Working from home doesn’t mean you should work on your bed or sofa. Make arrangements for a separate desk and ergonomically designed chair for your work. Don’t keep anything else than your laptop and a few essential articles of your work on the desk.

A simple, tidy table helps you to keep your mind happy and focused at work. This is one of the other essential do’s while you work from home.

5. Take regular Breaks and Don’t avoid Lunch:

Working from home means you miss the coffee breaks and watercooler conversations with your team. But don’t forget to take breaks for 10-15 min after every 2 hours of your work when working remotely. Or else fatigue may set in and you will lose focus on your work.

Don’t avoid lunch, because in the flow of your work it’s easy to get tempted for a late lunch or just opt for a binge. But to keep yourself healthy and energized it too important for you to have a light but nutritious lunch every day at the same time.

These are the few things that will keep you engaged positively to your work and boost your motivation to overcome this tough time. So, these are the 5 essential do’s and don’ts when you work from home which will make you more productive and stay focused and happy at work.