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Happiness is a very powerful feeling, its presence can make our life fulfilled and satisfying and its absence can make our life unpleasant and unsatisfied.

Whatever we plan, we focus or whatever our goal is, the ultimate reason behind achieving the desired outcome is to gain happiness, the context or definition of happiness can be different like for someone the goal is to become the CEO of a company for someone else the goal is to open a chain of a bakery shop.

Happiness is a simple word but to be happy and to stay happy is a very difficult thing we all keep on struggling every moment to become happy and to stay happy.

In today’s world where everything is moving so fast, people are so focussed on their goals, – we all are in a race. Staying happy is not difficult but we have made it complicated.

Following are some of the small things we can do to stay happy:

1. Sit and talk with your loved ones:

Nowadays, we all have become so busy with our lives that we got how it feels to sit and chit chats with your loved ones over a cup of coffee/tea. We all do a lot of discussions but it is only to the point but sometimes just sitting with your loved ones and discussing something out of work will be fun. It will make you feel relaxed and happy. It feels great to share a laugh with our loved ones.

2. Do something crazy :

Remember, the childhood days where we all must have done so many crazy things and I am sure thinking about those moments still makes us laugh. We all have become so busy with our day to day work, that we forgot to have fun. So take out some time from your busy schedule and do somethings that is crazy or maybe something that gives you happiness, like playing cards or maybe cooking it can be anything but do something that makes you happy.

3. Listen to your all-time favourite songs :

Music always helps us to connect with ourselves and to be happy we must listen to our inner-self. Whenever I listen to my all-time favourite songs no matter in what mood or situation I am it always makes me happy and relaxed. It brings back so many beautiful and happy moments of my life. So create a playlist with all your old-time favourite songs and spend some time alone and listen to your favourite songs and get connected with yourself.

4. Feel your breath :

Breathing is a part of us but it can also make us happy. Sometimes go out and feel some fresh air and you will see you will become energized and happy. Feeling the fresh air within you will make you fresh and clean.

Staying happy is not difficult, we can always stay happy once we start enjoying and cherishing the small moments of our life.