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We at The HR Monks follow our methods of the Executive Search. Aiming to help organizations grow with recruitment and human resources we strive to deliver talents fresh every time.

Our Process

“When Process Is In Place, Performance Starts ”

Step 1 - Client Assessment

Here we understand the organization, the recruitment process, employee benefits, and all other factors which are important for the job role, job benefits and talent maps.


Step 2 - Planning

This process of talent search involves teaming up the right people for the project based on their expertise, training the team, identifying different channels for sourcing, planning campaigns and its timelines.


Step 3 - Shortlisting

In this stage our team of sourcer screens , filters , shortlisted and finalises the candidates by conducting 3 levels of interviewing.


Step 4 - Processing

In this stage, we create the profiles so that you get the highlights about a candidate in just a few seconds after seeing the profile.


Step 5 - Operational Workflow

In this stage, we manage the entire operational workflows for smooth closure of the profiles.

What happens when HRMonks “TEAM UP” with you on your Recruitments?

You Get Perfect Match

After understanding your requirements, our team prepares the internal Job Profile and then our social media recruiter starts sourcing profiles from different social media channels. Our talent acquisition person sources profiles from our internal and external databases. Post sourcing from both of these people, we apply our Three Level Screening method and then send you the screened candidates to ensure you get the perfect match for your recruitment.


You do Fast Closures

Needless to say, with the right methodology of screening, with adherence to our 48 hours deadline, and ready backups in case of dropouts – they ensure you save time and energy on fulfilling your recruitment and your closures get faster.

You get Stellar Operational Support

Starting from making the candidate aware about your organization culture, bringing out candidate concerns in front of you, negotiating the offer with the candidate on your behalf, ensuring documentation to complete on time and each and everything needed to close the position – you get access to the stellar operational support when we work on fulfilling your recruitments.

You get Post Fulfilment Support

Once the candidate joins, our team ensures the candidate is onboarded properly and all the onboarding concerns of the candidates are sorted out. Also, post joining, our team ensures they in regular touch with the candidate on a regular basis and you are informed if we find anything which might need your concern. 

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Let’s Team Up!

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