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As we all are facing a lockdown situation many of us are starting to work from home for the very first time. To perform the duties that we used to do on a regular formal office set up, it is necessary to keep in mind certain points, to be able to provide productive and sincere work that is expected from us.

Here are 3 useful tips that can save your time and help you in setting up a home office space:

3. The Necessary Tools:

Few basic tools for your work from home office space will be your laptop, Wi-Fi, work phone, etc. So you need to keep in mind the number of tools that you require for completing the job.

Is there a necessary space for your important files and documents or if you require a table or bed table to have comfortable working experience and if you require extension cable to for your tools etc.

2. Choose your area:

To have an uninterrupted work from home experience choose a corner of the house that is less chaotic in comparison to the rest of the house.

If you need to make client calls or you need to do video conferencing it is a prerequisite to have a noise-free place. Choose an area after considering these factors to set up your space. This is one of the essential aspects of setting up a home office space. If you fail to organize your day, you may lose the work-life balance from your life.

Also, keep in mind the necessary lighting to save your eyes from straining too much.

 3. Make a Routine:

 Although we are working from home it is important to have a proper block of time dedicated to your work because while working from home, it’s easy to forget about time.

Having a fixed timetable routine saves us from wasting our valuable time and be able to finish our designated work without compromising on productivity. Though it is not related to the physical aspects of setting up a home office space, this too is an essential aspect that you should keep in mind to deliver productivity.

So, these are a few tips to keep in mind while setting up a home office space. This will help you to maintain the do’s and don’ts of working remotely.