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Here I shall not discuss with you how you can organize your life or your day. Rather I shall try to make you aware of what can happen if you don’t organize your day.

Have you ever thought of how many times we create a routine or a daily schedule so that we are able to complete our daily tasks?

Not everybody leads a disciplined life. To lead a disciplined life you should be able to follow your daily routine religiously.

But why do we fail n number of times to follow that routine? We fail because organizing your days needs a set of skills.

Here are 7 things you may lose if you don’t organize your day:

1. Unable to complete your daily tasks:

We all have 24 hours a day. But what is the difference between Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Robins or Eisenstein and between you?

It’s simply how you use your hours per day. Or in other words how productive are you per hour per day.

Organizing your day calls for:

  • Waking up every day in a fixed time
  • Do exercise daily
  • Having a healthy breakfast
  • Reaching your office on time
  • Prioritizing your tasks
  • Spending quality time with colleagues and family
  • Spent a few moments with self
  • Going to bed at a fixed time
  • Having a nice sleep

But are you really able to follow this every day? In reality, most of us are living in a mess. Either we wake up late, skip physical exercise and rush to the office without having proper breakfast.

Most of the time we fail to complete our tasks at the office and carry office work to home.

And probably, most of us stay awake till late at night.

As a result, our life loses our biological rhythm; we become stressed and start living an unbalanced life.

2. We lose mental peace and become stressed:

As our work gets piled up, we lose our calm. If we don’t organize our day we are always in a hurry and surprisingly we become unproductive.

This happens because we think we have many works to do. And without proper prioritizing our tasks we are unable to finish our daily works on time.

Ultimately we lose our cool. And if this goes on happening every day, we lose our mental peace and slowly start picking up the habit of getting stressed easily.

3. Miss the career ladder:

If you have read any of the autobiographies of highly successful people, you will find one thing in common. All of them are efficient in organizing their day effectively.

If you are unable to organize your day, most of the day you go back home without finishing your office work. And slowly not only you shall be looked down by your colleagues and boss but also you shall lose your efficiency at work.

Finally, you lose the good vibes with everyone around you at the office. And ultimately your more organized mates will go up the career ladder.

4. Lose focus in life:

As a result of accumulating daily losses by not being able to organize your days properly, in the long run, you may lose focus in life.

Most people who are unable to clock daily wins become negative and start cultivating constant procrastination.

Procrastinations and negativity will snatch away the focus in life.

5. Start a sedentary lifestyle:

Till now I have been talking to you about your professional life. But what about if are unable to organize your day and rituals in your personal life?

If you stay awake till late at night and don’t get proper sleep, you cannot wake up early. As a result, you miss the fresh oxygen every sunrise.

And believe me, if you miss the gym or physical exercise for a couple of years – you have already changed your lifestyle.

Surely, now instead of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you will spend more hours in binging fast-food, tea and coffee or soda. You start gaining weight at a rapid pace. Slowly, you pick lifestyle diseases.

6. Sour Relationship:

And finally, you are on the last step of your self-destruction. There is an old saying, “If you are comfortable with yourself, you shall be comfortable with others.”

Without an organized day, you shall fail to make quality time for your friends and colleagues. And you carry it for few months at a stretch; you are not in anyone’s apple’s eye anymore.

Bad health along with broken relationships will make most your relationships sour.

7. Lose purpose in life:

And with all the above things happening to you, are you not bound to lose the purpose in your life?

The true fact is most of us are drifting away from life – in the truest sense a purposeful and meaningful life.

If you are unable to organize your day properly, ultimately you shall lose proper coordination in life.