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When was the last time you decided that it’s enough shit in your life, and you need to put things in order? And you start motivating yourself for a shift.

When was the last time you decided to join a gym, go for a Management Executive course or you are saying “No” to smoking? And how many times you are back to the same routine, maybe after a couple of weeks or even days?!

Great Success in Life Comes not from Motivation, but Self Discipline and Habits

It happens to most of us. Most of us are done with our stinking paycheques, toxic friends, broken relationships, bulging belly or bullying bosses! We decide every night, “Tomorrow” will be a new day, from tomorrow we shall find a new job which we love, we shall find new friends, hit the gym and so on.

But life goes on and on, in the same circle. It’s the same every day.

Why this is so? Why some people are so successful in life, and why 99% of us stinks? Because most of us fail to change the course of our life, even when it’s damn necessary.

Motivation comes and goes. It’s very easy to get motivated – either you talk to yourself or watch a motivational video on YouTube or you find a Poster somewhere on the web, and you get charged up! Vroom! But the next day, or after a couple of days, it has gone. You are back to square one.

Motivation is easy, it’s cheap. Success in life comes not from motivation.

Motivation is an adrenalin rush! It can’t be permanent. To achieve success in life, you need to break the pattern – the pattern which is not working for you.

Self-breakthrough comes when you rewire your mind. You have to create a new pathway in the neurons to create some sort of shift in your life. The new pathway of shift can only come from sustained actions that are different from your past habits.

No Success in Life comes from Motivation but from Daily Habits and Self Discipline.

Your daily habits make or break your life. And sadly, most of us have the baggage of bad habits.

If we have to replace our bad habits with good ones, we need self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the single most factor in our life which divides the winners from losers.

Self-disciple means doing the things that you don’t like. For example, waking up at 5:00 AM in the winter morning and going for a 5-mile run every single day.

Self-disciple is eating the pain that breaks you. Like coming back from the office at night, and then doing your studies of a new course till 3 AM in the morning and rushing again to the office next morning.

Self-discipline means you are creating the habits that are transforming you. Self-discipline means you are doing something every day to achieve your goals. Self-discipline means you are continuously pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Self-discipline means you are not the slave of any Motivation, but a master of Habits which gets you success in life.

So, Success in Life Comes not from Motivation, but Self Discipline and Habits.