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Habits form over a period of time by repeating similar kinds of behavioral pattern and it occurs subconsciously. A bad habit can be increasingly difficult to break. In order to break an ongoing pattern of behavior i.e. a habit, a person needs to put conscious efforts to break the cycle of the habit.

If you are trying to break a bad habit for example- Biting nails, coming late to work every day, overspending, etc. these are easy to form but very difficult to break. Sometimes what starts as an occasional thing becomes a full-fledged bad habit.

To be able to reverse such habitual behavioral pattern the following steps can be taken:

Identify the problem- By identifying the problem it means to be able to detect the actual reason why the habit is formed. For example- If you are late every day for office identify why it is happening in the first place. Are you getting out of your house late or are you unaware of the shortest route? If you have a clear idea of your shortcomings it will come handy in reversing the bad habit from the core.

The Environment- The environment is the surroundings that trigger or start the habit in the first place. Try to make a change from your current environment. For example- Take a break from your regular routine, it relaxes your mind and diverts your attention from the bad habit and try something else that is of your interest.

Set Rewards and Punishments – Set your own rewards for being able to motivate yourself to avoid the bad habit and in failing to do so set a punishment also. Each time you repeat the bad habit subconsciously you will have to punish yourself as a reminder to avoid it in the future.

Stay Calm and Have Patience- To reverse a bad habit you need to stay calm and be patient about it.

Getting frustrated won’t help you in changing a behavioral pattern. Changing a habit requires continuous efforts and motivation. Understand that forming new patterns of behaviors and reversing a set pattern of behavior won’t happen overnight it is indeed a lengthy process. So don’t lose hope in the first attempt and don’t quit in changing your bad habit.

At the end, we can say that to change a bad habit we need to have strong determination and willpower. To reverse a behavioral pattern we need to strive hard with patience and not give up easily on our set goals.