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Job interviews are rarely a cakewalk even if you have given a number of interviews.

In interviews you need to constantly sell yourself and your skills, always going through the grind what you know and what you don’t.

But truly you need not push the panic button each and every time. Believe me, the people sitting opposite to interview board are no monsters! – Here are 5 Things to Remember in Job Interviews that would take the stress out of your interview.

Practice this at home and Hurrah! – You are out of your phobia. Remember these 5 Things in Job Interviews – and you would be in much advantageous position than most of the applicants in Job Interviews.

1. Practice and Prepare for Interviews :

You should practice a mock interview session well before the actual interview. More often than not we have a habit that we go for the last night preparation. Preparing the interviews well in advance is essential in facing the interviews.

Things you must research before the interview is:

  • The Job Description
  • The Company’s Background
  • Who’s who in the company
  • Company’s organizational culture
  • Industry trends and news
  • Probable questions
  • The ice breaker “Tell me something about you?”

2. Take care of your resume:

Most of the time we hesitate to invest in our resume or CV. Even if you don’t seek professional help in creating resumes/CVs you need to invest quality time and money while preparing your resume.

Remember to carry a couple of extra copies of your resume (you may actually need it if you are going for multiple rounds of an interview).

Things to remember while creating the resume for job interviews:

  • Put only essential things in the resume
  • If the resume is neat and an infographic one – then that’s nice
  • The paper should be of good quality
  • The print quality of the resume should be of better quality
  • Carry at least 2 copies of your resume
  • Carry the resume in a nice folder (if possible in a leather folder)

Here are a few essential tips on how to create a better resume. 

3. Take care of how you dress for interviews:

Grooming matters. Be by all means in formals at the interview date. But don’t make last minutes guess for the clothing at interviews.

Try the dress well in advance. It should be of lighter shades. The dress should be properly ironed before you wear it at job interviews. Men should be wearing a tie and women should wear jewelry at the bare minimum (good if you can shun it altogether).

A good dress, a nice formal shoe boosts your self-esteem and assertiveness.

Shoes should be neat and for men properly polished. Carry enough tissues with you always, and don’t forget to refresh up before you go to the interview cabin.

4. Be on time and stay calm:

In job interviews always be on time and you need to stay calm in job interviews. For staying calm regularly practice meditation in the morning. In the interview venue if you feel stressed take a deep breath and count till 10. Take a glass of water if necessary.

Get ready well in advance and reach the venue on time. Don’t be too early in interviews. It a very bad sign. And obviously never ever be late.

5. Keep eye contact and offer a firm handshake:

Throughout the Job interview keeping eye contact is a necessity, but more so while you meet the interviewer the first time. Greet the interviewer in a confident tone and voice and offer a firm handshake.

If an interviewer is a man the handshake should be a little more firm and long, and in the case of a lady it should be curt and short. Now Smile and take permission to settle down. Good Luck!