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I am going to tell you about an incident which you may have come across very frequently.

Last week my colleague posted a job vacancy on social media and few job sites.  She went home happily expecting a handful of applications in her inbox the next day!

So what happened the next day? As she visited her inbox – voila! There are about a hundred applicants who have applied for the job.  So she was very happy, right?

Sorry, my friend. She was frustrated. Why? I know you have made a correct guess.

Around 80 out of 100 applications are spam. Many applicants seem to be trigger happy; they just have pressed the “apply now” button without a second thought.

Surely you have also done this sometime or the other in your career. But you should understand this creates a poor impression about your candidature in the mind of the hiring officer. Keeping this incident in mind I have thought to jot down few points to guide you on how to apply for right jobs

Everybody wants a good job. But there are certain things which indicate a perfect job match, both for you and the company you have applied for. What are they? When and how should you apply for a new job?

Here are 3 things to prepare before applying for Job – find out how to apply for right jobs!

Read the job description:

This is the first thing you should do before applying for Job – find out for the right jobs – which may match exactly your job competencies.

Job Descriptions are the most important factor which indicates the right job match. Job description points out what are the competencies they are looking for you.

Read it carefully. Do you find you have the same skill, attitude and display the same behavior at work they are looking for? Do you have the prerequisite academic degree to apply? Do you have the same soft skills they expect?

If everything is not mentioned in detail, you may shoot a mail to the hiring officer for more clarification, and with gentle permission, you may call him/her also. No harm in this.

Job description is one such recruitment tool that helps to recruit the right candidate for any organization.

And finally, if you have any iota of doubt about your justification for apply, please don’t apply – however lucrative the perks are or reputed the company is.

Research the company:

Once you’ve read through the job posting, do some research on the company. Check out the employer’s website and read through their career page. You should also take a look at their blog, read about the people who work there, and read out their company news.

This will give you a better idea of what the company does and this is 2nd of the 3 things to prepare before applying for any Job.

Every company has a different culture. Not necessarily everybody can fit into a single culture. Don’t try blindly to be a cog in a wheel, which doesn’t match your nature.

Your values should match the organization’s mission, vision, and values. If there is a mismatch between your persona and the team you belong to, very soon you may feel like a fish out of water.

Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position:

This is the last of the 3 things to prepare before applying for Job.

After gathering information from your research and networking, you should be able to write a resume and cover letter that’s tailored to the position.

Use the knowledge you gained to create an application that shows your interest in working for the company. Very often candidates are in the habit of shooting the same resume for every position.

Remember that the purpose of your résumé and LinkedIn profile is to draw people to you, not tell them all the things for which you have been responsible. Use the right keywords as you draft your résumé, LinkedIn profile and cover letters.

Here are 5 essential elements of your resume that gets you noticed by recruiters.

If you follow these steps before applying for a job, you’ll be guaranteed to find out how to apply for right jobs and stand out against other job seekers.