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Focusing isn’t about saying yes, focusing is about saying no. – Steve Jobs

4 ways how saying no can help you become productive

Saying No is not about dissatisfying someone or making someone upset. It is about making your works priority.

Most of us, sometimes out of fear or maybe sometimes with the feeling of what others will think we end up taking up some tasks which are not a part of our deliverables. The only reason behind this is we can’t say no.

We all don’t feel comfortable to say no to others. It is very good to help others but not at the cost of your own work. This is one of the main reason why we get cluttered with our works and because of which our productivity gets affected.

You can very well take up some extra works to help others but once you are done with your deliverables and you have the extra time to complete it. Saying No is very much required for you to be more professional and productive. Following are the 4 ways how saying no can help you be productive:

Better Quality Results:

Taking some extra works or projects in between your deliverables affects your quality at work. Once you take up some extra work in between your works your focus gets divided and by this way you end up affecting the quality of your work.

Not Getting Stressed Out with Over Commitment :

When you start with some projects or tasks, your mind is clear with how and by when you have to complete it. But taking extra works means over commitment and this way your mind gets stressed out with the different commitments you have to deliver and this is one of the main reason why some of the people fail their delivery on time.

Meeting Deadlines:

Every project or task which is given to us is given with some time commitments. But taking extra works for helping someone means you are affecting your time commitment. Time will not be flexible with you, it keeps on moving but some extra works can make you fail meeting your deadlines.

Clear with your tasks and priorities:

Saying no to the other works helps you be clear with your tasks and priorities. It helps you to focus on your tasks and deliveries. Saying no means saying yes to your priorities. It is all about being productive

So, it is very important for you to start saying no to the works that will affect your productivity. But everything has a process and saying no just randomly can be rude and inappropriate. You have to say no in a strategic way and you need to know how to say no to whom, as the way of saying no to your colleague and your boss cannot be the same. Say no but the right way and become productive.