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Aptitude tests evaluate your potential to do well in a specific role. They’re often taken online, usually timed and generally multiple choice. And there are many different types of aptitude questions asked in interviews.

In India whenever you face a job interview for entry to mid-career level – most likely you are bound to face certain aptitude questions during the interviews. Some of the questions are aimed at judging your numerical skills or reasoning skills or some questions may be simply asked to judge your common sense and the presence of mind.

It’s true when comes to aptitude tests or when we think of the aptitude questions that we may be asked in job interviews – surely, we feel the butterfly in our stomach. But don’t worry. The sure-fire way to ace any aptitude test is to practice a lot beforehand. The more you are practicing aptitude tests – the more you shall gain confidence and courage to face such tests.

Let’s dig into some of the common but interesting aptitude questions asked in recent job interviews:

Question 1:

A, B and C hire a taxi for Rs. 2400 for one day. A, B and C used the car for 6 hours, 8 hours and 10 hours respectively. How much did C pay?

  1. a) Rs. 800
  2. b) Rs. 1000
  3. c) Rs. 600
  4. d) Rs. 1200


Option B

(Let total fair be = 2400 ,

Therefore c share =10/24 × 2400 = 1000)

Question 2:

A 30% loss on cost price is what percent loss on selling price?

  1. a) 30%
  2. b) 20%
  3. c) 15%
  4. d) None of these


Option D

Let CP = 100 ; SP=70

Loss= 30/70 × 100 = 42.85%

Question 3:

How many months during this year can have 28 days?


Any guess? Well, 12 months! Because all months have 28 days or more. Even Feb have either 28 or 29 days.

Question 4:

Why is a manhole cover round?


A round manhole cover cannot fall inside the circular hole, it can be easily be moved or rolled during maintenance work.

Question 5:

The product of two numbers is 2025 and their HCF is 15, their LCM is?


LCM = 135

LCM*HCF = a*b (a and b are the numbers in consideration)

Thus, LCM*15 = 2025

LCM = 2025/15

LCM = 135

So, you must have noticed aptitude questions asked in job interviews are not that fearsome! Only you need the presence of mind and the basic mathematical knowledge in most of the cases.

When you face an aptitude question in the interview don’t panic or be in a hurry to answer the questions. Calm down, and if necessary, take a little time. Also, don’t get embarrassed if you have given a wrong answer. Take it easy, because one or two wrong answers won’t damage your whole interview!