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One of the most difficult parts of leadership is dealing with non-performing people. You have to do the difficult, painful work of discussing an employee’s shortcomings and then figuring out how to fix them. But employees may not always be responsible for non-performance. Are employees responsible for underperformance all the time?

Are you as a manager tired of the constant poor performance of your employees – it’s high time to find whether the problem is within your organization or not? If nearly all the team members are underperformers in your team it’s time to re-examine the Organizational DNA.

Performance is the end-product of employee ability and motivation. It’s true in the case of a team too!

An employee needs to have the ability to perform the task as well as the motivation to do so. Figuring out which is the cause of the performance problem can help you decide how to address it. The employees can be down for several reasons and their performance go down other’s in the team may get affected.

To find out the reason for his/her non-performance as a manager you need some soul-searching before jumping in the pointing fingers game.  Maybe the reason responsible for an employee’s underperformance is purely materialistic or practical rather than emotional or personal.

If your employee is lacking the time, money, personnel, or supplies to complete a task, he won’t be able to complete it, no matter how much he wants to.

This is probably the easiest root cause to address, but you should also tell the employee that he should have come to you with his problem sooner instead of trying to make it work without the proper resources.

Often the Top Management gets complacent with the belief that the employees are provided with the best of resources. It’s far from the truth sometimes. The ground managers must constantly perform the reality check whether the employees have enough resources to perform their tasks or not.

Poor or unhealthy working conditions too may break the employee morale and bring down the performance. Safety and environmental audits of the factory premises, regular health check-ups of the employees must be ensured to keep checking unwanted accidents.

Finally, if no clear parameters or expectations for a project have been set, or if the employee has misunderstood them, this can be a major cause of poor performance. Here the fault clearly lies with the management. Management must over project goals and deliverables again and again from time to time and see if they can help clear up any confusion or miscommunication.

No employees want to feel that they aren’t appreciated. Most of them need to get some kind of pat in their back from their managers and in fact, a portion of their self-esteem is based on getting that affirmation.

Employees who don’t feel that they are properly appreciated whether, with money, opportunities, or just words of acknowledgment are bound to have performance issues eventually.