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It’s okay to be overweight- says no one ever!

When a person is struggling with extra weight, all sorts of changes in body size and shape leads to emotional ups and downs.

Though lots of us who are reading this, know many overweight people who are confident and happy while thin and fit people, who are insecure.

An overweight person is usually burdened with what others think, that is, termed as social concerns.

Sometimes good intentions from family, siblings, and friends may come across as criticism. This fear of being judged or being socially rejected makes an individual feel frustrated, angry and embarrassed.

Another factor, that influences one’s emotion that is related to overweight is self-esteem. People struggling with their weight usually struggle with low self-esteem.

Negative thoughts block one’s thought processes and can affect their confidence. Thus, it is very important to work towards changing such negative emotions.

Awkward social situations? Self-Esteem Issues? Don’t Worry! Have a look at what you can do……

Start by loving yourself, loving your body. Focus on your talents and your strengths, rather than your weaknesses.

Build one or two close friendships with whom you can share your concerns. Talking to people you trust and those who support you can help you feel wanted and can remind you of your good qualities.

Never allow your emotions to take over you because losing temper will just make you weak and in control. If a situation is getting worse, speak up for yourself and with confidence, never allow a person to take advantage and say whatever they want.

Another great way to boost your self-esteem would be to accomplish goals that one has set for themselves. Setting small, realistic goals and then checking them regularly to watch the progress can help, for example, the goal of packing healthy lunch once a week.

In the end, people come in different shapes and sizes. All bodies are beautiful!

Criticizing someone for their bodyweight is simply discrimination.

To all the foodies out there :

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child