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Training is a necessity in organizations. Providing proper training to every employee is most important. Lack of effective training spells trouble for any company because it unfavourably impacts the company, internally and externally.
When a group of people are having health issues it is not necessary that they are undergoing the same problems; so in this case different medicines will help to heal different issues. So, training the employees is also the same way it’s not necessary that all the employees requires the same kind of skill development. Train need to be competency focused.
Training conducted in organizations is not for the need but it’s conducted as it is the part of the process. What skill development an employee requires cannot be just judged by his performance. But in organizations the traditional way of nominating an employee for a training program only depends on the employee’s performance and his manager’s review on the same.
The need of conducting training is to boost the morale of the staff, increase their productivity and give the organisation the competitive advantage it needs in these tough economic conditions. But to get the outcome it’s very much important to provide and to know what training is required for every employee. For example, if an employee is not being able to perform well and he is provided with an training in sales it’s not necessary that after undergoing the program it will boost up his morale and increase his productivity; as the reason behind his lack in productivity might be because he is not being able to balance his work life and personal life. In this case he requires to be provided with a training program in stress management.
The process of conducting training in most of the organizations is:
The head of a particular department asks the HR person to arrange an training program for his department and he briefs the HR what topics he wants in the training program to be covered; accordingly the HR looks out for training vendors to conduct the program; once the HR shortlists 2 – 3 training vendor, a meeting is scheduled with the vendors and the head; the head finalizes the vendor and the program is conducted.
At present most organizations have neither proper training calendar nor they have any proper training evaluation plan to provide competency based training in their organization.