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A few days back we were in one of our client’s office for a meeting. The major issue that the client was going through is managing the high attrition rate.

Our team asked a very simple question to one of their managers that “what is the mission of the organization?” and the manager was quiet. He was not aware of the mission of the organization. And this was one of the main reasons behind the high attrition rate. If your employees do not know what the organization exists for, then how can you expect your employees to be connected and perform in the organization?

A mission statement of an organization is the first thing that an organization sets. It is through the mission statement other objectives, strategies, and structures of an organization are created. Being such a crucial thing but it is not known by the employees of the organization. Managing better human resource and mission of an organization has a very crucial role. Following are the 3 most important factors through which you can have a better human resource by linking it with the mission statement of an organization:

1) Clear Objectives – it is the mission statement that gives a brief statement of the reason an organization is in business. It gives a clear understanding of the existence of the organization. Once the employees are aware of the reason for the existence of the organization it helps them to have a clear picture of the future growth and it also helps the organization to track the employees whether they are moving in the right direction or not.

2)  Recruiting the right human resources – the mission statement of an organization helps to set a clear structure and the skills, knowledge, and experience that are required for the employees in the organization. Through this, the hiring process becomes easier as recruiting personnel are well aware of what they are looking for and this helps to recruit the right fit for each profile.

3)  Training & Development – as the mission statement gives a clear picture of what are the skills, knowledge, and experience that are required for the employees to perform and achieve the objectives of the organization it becomes easier for the organization to assess the skill gap between the employees and train & develop them with the right skills and knowledge to perform better in the organization.

The mission statement is not to just hang it on the walls of your front desk but it should be clear to all the individuals of your organization to make sure that you and everyone as a whole are moving in the right direction.