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Here are 3 phases of Human resource management where being competency focused can definitely help.

Competencies are the thing that most of the organizations are focusing on currently. It has become the most important factor for human resource management. In fact, competency is something which can differentiate the culture of the organization with the other. The Human Resource department plays a crucial role in creating a competency focused organization.

Competencies are not about duties, they are about people. Competencies are more enduring than job tasks. Competencies focus on the characteristics of people who are successful in performing their work. Competencies are part of people, not the work they do. Competencies do better in pinpointing the unique characteristics of people that lead to success.

Competencies are required right from writing job descriptions to exit management. Following we will discuss the 3 phases where competencies play a crucial role for better human resource management:

Recruitment & Selection Phase: Gone are the days where just by seeing the resume of the candidates and taking face to face interviews the profiles are selected. Nowadays organizations are focusing more on having the right quality of people having the right competencies which fit the organizational needs. All the candidates applying for the role might have the same kind of experience but what can differentiate them from each other in the skills they possess. Moreover, you can teach a person how to sell but you cannot change the person if he is having low integrity skills. So, competency-focused recruitment & selection process helps in recruiting the right competent match for the profile for your organization. Competency focused hiring also helps in reducing the cost of wrong recruitment as well.

Training & Development Phase: To make sure that you are providing the right and required skills of training to your employees you need to know what the skills that the employees are lacking in are. To know the gap it is not possible that just by tracking the employees work records skills can be assessed. For that again competency plays the key role. If you being the HR of the organization know what the competencies that are required for the particular role and at what level, you can find out the gap of the employees by conducting a Training need assessment survey and find out the gaps and deliver the training accordingly.

Retention Phase: It is very much essential to retain the existing employees of the organization but most important is retaining and having the right employees. Every employee cannot be the right fit for the organization. And to know “who” is the right fit for the organization, in this phase as well competency can be very much helpful. As through this, you will clearly get an idea which the employees which are matching with the organization’s competency requirement and which are not and with this it will help you to take the right decisions.To become the leader in the current business world it is very much important to be a competent organization.

To become the leader in the current business world it is very much important to be a competent organization.