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How Can We Build a Competent Organization?

Hiring the “right candidate” is what every organization looks for. In fact, hiring the “right candidate” at the “right place” is the strategy of the hiring managers. But what does this “right candidate” mean? or how can you understand that this is the “right candidate” for your organization? Well “Right Candidate” is the one who is aligned with the organization’s objectives or goals.

Now how to understand which candidate matches the organization’s objectives? It is the competencies through which you can differentiate between the “right” and the “wrong”.

Unfortunately, till today we all focus on the work exposure. This has become the most important criteria in our selection process.

But now building a competent organization is the need of the era. It is the core competencies of the organization that needs to be matched with the candidate than the work exposure. Obviously, experience too is important but that should not be the only criteria while hiring. You can train the candidate so that the desired experience is achieved but you cannot groom the inbuilt traits of the candidate.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits which you can get by having a competent organization:

Reducing the loss incurred in the cost of recruitment Hiring costs a lot for any organization. Apart from monetary it also cost a loss of a vacant position, time spent on the hiring process, onboarding process etc. After all these; when the employee leaves, it incurs a loss for the organization.

But when you are matching the core competencies of the organization with the hiring employees, the loss incurred in the cost of recruitment reduces.

The reason behind is that when an employee’s competencies are matching with the organization’s need the chances of the employee leaving the organization reduces. In most of the cases, any employee who leaves the organization the major reason behind is the mismatch between the needs of the organization and self.

Retention – Where most of the organization are concerned with their high attrition rate and focussing on how to lower the attrition rate, you can make your organization stand out from the race by having a competent organization.

Competency is one of the major solutions for managing retention. Once your employees are competent with your organization they will be more satisfied and engaged with your organization and through this, your attrition rate will be lower.

Retaining and growing your Customer base – Every hiring managers are now trying to do headhunting and they try to hire the best from the competitive organizations as through these they can get hold of the customers of the respective organization. Being a competent organization, the chances of your employees leaving your organization and joining your competitor reduces and this way your customers stays with your organization itself.

Focus on other Human Resource Developments & Policies – In most of the organization, the major time and money invested in Human Resource are in hiring employees. But once your attrition rate is low, you as an organization can focus on other areas of Human Resource for the development and betterment of the organization.

Building a competent organization is the need of the era as competencies are something that can help you to be in this competitive business world. After all, it is your employees that are the most important asset you require to achieve your organization’s objectives.