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Can a competency-based assessment in HR be a marketing tool for your company? Yes, it can be if it is implemented properly. In fact, in many big companies in the US and Europe, Competency-based Assessment in HR is a Great Marketing Tool for Your Recruitment.

Now how can be a recruitment tool become a marketing tool for you –  to make your company an employer of choice and ultimately do a solid branding work for your company? It’s very simple.

A competency-based assessment in HR provides a scientifically proven neutral yardstick to measure the competencies of candidates. It is an easy and simple assessment process in recruitment which in turn provides invaluable depth of insight into the job specific competencies of the candidates.

And in turn, as the candidate receives unbiased valuable feedback about his/her competencies – it creates a great candidate experience. There are several factors present in a competency-based assessment in HR that creates great candidate experience.

According to CareerArc’s 2016 State of the Candidate Experience, 72 percent of seekers that had a bad experience told others about it, either online or in-person. And many of these companies restricted themselves in hiring processes which were not competency-based assessments in HR.

A positive experience, on the other hand, makes a candidate more likely to accept your offer, reapply in the future, or refer other to the company.

According to the 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report, 81 percent of candidates will share a positive experience with family, friends, and peers, and 51 percent will share their positive experience on social media sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn.

A positive candidate experience in recruitment and selection procedures leaves the candidate feeling respected and valued – and, most importantly, excited to work for your company. A candidate that had a positive experience will find your recruitment and onboarding process easy to follow.

The recruiting experience is often overlooked by the internal management when it comes to analyzing how their company is perceived. Businesses put a lot of attention on getting the customer messaging right, but many don’t focus much on how the company is experienced by the people applying for jobs.

But, your company’s image depends a lot on how the people applying for jobs look at your company. To fish in top talents, you need to deliver great candidate experience every time. Candidate experience has a direct impact on employer branding, quality of candidates and the team’s growth.

A Competency-based Assessment in HR is a Great Marketing Tool for Your Recruitment as it delivers these 3 pivotal benefits which help you to deliver good candidate experience:

Competency-based assessment aids transparent communication with employees:

Studies have shown that candidates frequently feel let down when they receive no or inadequate communication from employers when applying for positions. But often the hiring manager or recruiters cannot be blamed.

As general hiring process takes too much time and the individuals involved in the screen board have their subjective opinion about each candidate, very often recruiters cannot legally communicate those assumptions to candidates. Simply, there is no scientific logic – only gut feelings present.

But a competency-based assessment in hr is backed by scientific test results and can transparently explain which the probable candidate may not qualify for a better job-match as per the other applicants.  This process aids in speedy decision making and thus the recruiter may quickly communicate with the candidates about their rejection or selection.

Communication from the recruiter is a key factor, from the initial acknowledgment that an application has been received through to clear communication and constructive feedback at the final stages. Through competency-based test results, the recruiter will be able to maintain a transparent communication with employees.

Competency-based assessments aids personalization of candidate experience:

We often forget every human being is different a have a unique persona. In interviews, candidates are often asked the same question in the presumption of making the screening process unbiased. But it may merely result in equality not equity.

Competency-based tests will help you deliver an unbiased and personalized candidate experience. Here the assessment questions may be the same, but the results altogether bring in light the uniqueness of every different persona.

So rather than exclusion, the spirit of inclusion becomes the subject of screening. Competency-based automated cloud-based assessments make each stage of the recruitment process as candidate-friendly as possible – warm, approachable tone to emails, carefully planned interviews to make the candidate feel welcome – these features will surely enhance your employer brand and increase the likelihood of candidates making referrals to you.

Competency-based assessments aids speedy recruitment and selection procedures:

In recruitment and selection processes the ease and speed of recruitment process also need to be candidate-friendly. Candidates don’t want to be bogged down with lengthy application forms, or labyrinthine recruitment formalities and processes. Neither do they want to be kept waiting for weeks or months to hear the outcome of their application. Positive candidate experiences result from an effortless and efficient recruitment process.

Competency-based assessments help you to create a seamless easy experience for both recruiters and candidates at one go. The automated process not only ends in 1-2 hours but also it is relatively easy to administer.

The process is paperless as these are cloud-based assessments, and the test results come within 2-3 days. The HR department can communicate the test results to different management executives with a single click of a mouse and schedule the final round with much ease. These create an effortless and efficient recruitment process.

Moving from the traditional CV method to employment skills testing through competency-based assessments can streamline your hiring process, saving time for both employer and applicant and improving the positive candidate experience.

No wonder, why competency-based assessment in hr is a great marketing tool for your recruitment practices.