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There can be various kinds of employee surveys or work-force surveys. But the objective remains the same. It’s a kind of reality check which periodically revisits the important set targets for organizational improvement and to ensure that the remedial strategies have the desired effect.

Work-force Surveys are a must for mid-sized organizations.

Work-force Surveys are a part of management control system (MCS) which gathers and uses the information to evaluate the performance of the most important organizational resources like human, physical, and financial and the organization as a whole in light of the organizational strategies pursued.

While most large companies have some sort of work-force surveys in place, it is mostly neglected in the mid-sized companies. Due to the smaller workforce, these companies think it is easy to manage employees and hence they do not opt for online surveys.

But contrary to belief work-force surveys are a must for mid-sized organizations. Why are work-force surveys a must for mid-sized organizations? It is because smaller companies have limited human resources and hence optimization of the talent pool is an absolute necessity.

A well-structured online work-force surveys not only help smaller companies find out underutilized hidden talents in work-force but also helps to chalk out a competency framework for creating effective recruitment strategy.

In a nutshell, work-force surveys are must for those mid-sized organizations who are willing to challenge the hegemony of bigger organizations in terms of innovation and profits and attracting and retaining top talents.

Different employee surveys help organizations gain long-term objectives by gathering various strategic data from its employees, in terms of:

  • Employee empowerment;
  • External customer satisfaction evaluation;
  • Company procedure and policy evaluation;
  • Stress audit;
  • Work/life balance audit;
  • Workplace safety audit;
  • Clarity of internal communications evaluation;
  • Evaluation and design of different reward and recognition schemes;
  • Employee engagement;
  • Exit data;
  • Developing and measuring the efficiency of training calendars.

These days cloud-based online surveys are a great option for HR people and organizations.  They are less time consuming, they are cheaper.  You get the results faster, and you can transfer and use the data in various applications to find the answer to important questions.

For an organization, it’s very important to conduct employee surveys on different subjects on regular basis. It takes a great team to achieve success and the contribution of every member matters.

A poor work environment slows down your company’s productivity; it can also kill the morale of current and former employees of your organization. In case of workplace accidents and other unwanted tiffs, it may raise workplace stress. Moreover, major accidents can book you to courts also. Thus work-place surveys which are part of work-force surveys play a pivotal part in creating a safer and creative workspace in office.

Strategic rewards and recognition programs reinforce your employees’ behaviours that drive your organization to excellence and give a vital boost for engaging your employees towards organizational success.

Rewards and recognition surveys help the management of a company to find out what are the motivational factors of each employee and how they can be properly boosted for more productive outcomes.

The exit survey is one of the necessary compliances for you at the end of employee life cycle (ELC). It also helps you to check the attrition patterns in your organization. Exit-surveys a part of work-force surveys is an absolute necessity.

Exit survey will help you to find most reliable and valid metrics, analytics, benchmarks, and best practices that help your organization make sense of and use the data towards proactive organizational retention programs.

Taking a work-force Survey is not the end. It’s beginning of a better decision-making process. Various work-force surveys in most mid-sized organizations are absolute necessity. Pulling different employee surveys data into HR analytics helps your organizations gain timely insight and plan for strategies to gain long-term objectives.