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Life is a roller-coaster ride, full of challenges. We, Humans, encounter ups and downs which need to be tackled with the right frame of mind. Some people meet challenges with confidence while some struggle to even accept them. 

It is true, that challenges can be a source of frustration and despair, but yet at the same time we need to trust our abilities to overcome such challenges with our inner strength, to drive us through the journey called life. 

1. Define the problem and gain perspective- Usually, obstacles blur one’s thought processes and create chaos in their lives. One should focus on the nature of the problem and its intensity, rather than being afraid to accept what’s happening. 

First, one should start by getting to the grass-root level of the problem, figuring out what went wrong. This clarity regarding the source of the problem helps oneself to get a better grip of the entire situation and thus, helps to act on it with ease. 

A reality check regarding the problem is of utmost importance. It is very important to realize that problems exist in nature and that it can be tackled from various aspects, by considering the suitable alternatives.

Therefore, gaining perspectives helps one to stay away from the chaos and declutters one’s life. 

2. Stay focused and committed- It is advised not to let our setbacks pile upon us, rather be motivated to attend to them, such that they inspire us to strive for the best. A winner is always, that person, whose actions are not weakened by the challenges faced and at the same time, they can drive oneself to the fullest potential to meet the unexpected. 

Focus always on the main objective, with the belief in one’s own efforts to reach that goal through small, constructive steps. 

3. Develop a positive outlook- A calm and composed mind, logic, sound judgments, and the right attitude are the primary pre-requisites to combat hurdles faced at work. A molehill can turn into a mountain if people start stressing about the outcomes rather than the source. Thus, it is advised to detach from the outcome and to meet the challenges as they crop up without worrying about the future.

For a person with the right kind of attitude, no challenge is too small or big as they have the power to meet it with poise. 

Learning is a continuous process and everyone through trial and error make their way through life. The dynamic process of life- trying, succeeding, failing and trying again, is the only way to develop lasting confidence in ourselves.