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We all can relate that meetings can turn out to become boring and non-engaging a lot of times.

Meeting tends to become a time consuming and tedious process and the longer it stretches the more the audience gets defocused from the main topic.

However, this doesn’t mean meetings are a waste of time or organizations should not be holding meetings because meetings are necessary to cover important issues that are relevant to the organization and the people associated with it. But more effective ways of conducting a meeting should be taken into consideration. A good meeting can boost employee productivity to a great extent.

Here are a few tips to make a meeting more successful:

Find out the necessity of the meeting: Before holding a meeting make sure that the reason for holding the meeting is relevant to the people who are going to be a part of it. Make sure the topic is of such importance that a face to face meeting is an absolute necessity and not something that could be easily passed on as instructions on email or memorandum on the notice board.

Do Proper Planning: A lot of times, precious time gets wasted because of a lack of proper planning ahead. If a meeting is arranged make sure the set up is ready before the arrival of the people. All the equipment’s for example- projectors, laptops, Wi-Fi connections are working and are ready, to begin with as soon as the commencement of the meeting.

This is a very small step but is of utmost importance in order to make the meeting more successful and use the available time is the most productive way.

Have Clarity of the purpose: The agenda or the purpose of the meeting should be clear and concise. There should be no beating about the bush and the reason for holding the meeting should be conveyed clearly to the people participating. This will establish a better ground for holding the meeting.

Have a Fixed Time Schedule: The length of the meeting also plays an important part in determining the success of the meeting.

Make sure that the time schedule is followed and it should not be too lengthy or too short. There should be enough time to successfully cover the required topic and no amount of valuable time is wasted in doing so.

Have Minutes of the Meeting: The points that are discussed and agreed on should have a written format in order to have a documented version of the meeting. This will be helpful in having a clear understanding of what actually happened in the meeting and what are the points that were covered by it.

Conclusion of the meeting: At last the points covered should be jotted down and a conclusion should be given.

Also, all the people attending the meeting should be encouraged to give their valuable suggestions and the meeting should be a two-way communication process.

Feedback from the people attending the meeting should also be taken into consideration in order to make the meeting successful.