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Self-motivation is a power that drives us to keep moving ahead. Self-motivation is a primary means of realizing our goals and progressing towards a productive career. It helps us in setting dynamic goals for ourselves and boosting our faith that we possess the required skills and competencies for achieving those challenging goals.

Here are 7 Ways How can You Help Your Employees Improve Self-Motivation:

Understand what people want: Motivation is different for each of the employees. Every employee has a different motivation for why they work. Learning what employees want will help you formulate the next employee engagement strategies to boost employee motivation in the workplace.

Set realistic goals: We can create a work environment that provides the greatest possibility for employees to achieve individual or group goals. Provide clear directions and set realistic goals so that employees know what is expected of them and they have the confidence to achieve them.

Provide employee recognition: Employee recognition can increase motivation when it is offered and implemented effectively. It is one of the keys to boost employee motivation and enhance employee retention.

Use training and development as a means to boost up motivation: The quality and the variety of the training option that you provide for employees are the keys to employee engagement and motivation.

Training may consist of small gestures like new employee onboarding, management development, new concepts for a workgroup, and inputs to team building and how to operate a new computer system.

Celebrate holidays and create organizational traditions: Traditions are as important in an organization as they are in families. Nothing is more important for employee motivation than the annual traditions different workplaces create for seasonal holidays.

A holiday celebration builds positive morale, more bonding among employees which results in increased motivation.

High morale and motivation contribute to team building and productivity. Try to celebrate some holidays and traditions which build positive morale and motivation in your workplace.

Promote personal growth and build motivation: Giving employees avenues of personal growth and skills enhancement helps to build motivation among employees.

Help employees to stay positive: The power of staying positive helps us overcome our fears and obstacles at work. It keeps us motivated and helps us perform better and make our day more productive. By helping employees staying positive we can boost their self-confidence.