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There are so many blogs, articles, and research about how to boost up the employee motivation. But despite all the best efforts of the managers and supervisors – most employees are burnt out at the end of the day. But the truth is employee motivation is the key to winning the game. So how do you pump up your employee’s morale?

In order to keep employee motivation levels high – you need to understand what bogs them down?

There are many studies available which point out various facets of burnout. Some of the reasons are personal and others professional. Personal reasons may include sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, little or no daily exercise and so on. On professional front peer pressure, stress, failing to keep the work-life balance, failing to communicate assertively, not investing time in enhancing skill sets and non-performance may be the reason.

Employees lose the momentum in life when they feel stressed out and face repeated failure. Relationships get sore which affects their professional life also.

Before understanding the main reason why your employees are losing their motivation at work, you need to understand two things in particular:

  1. Not all type of de-motivation factors is same across all jobs: Employees who belong to different industries and even employees who belong to the different department in the same organization – may have different reasons to feel de-motivated.
  2. No two employees actually have the same reason of burnouts: Though we compartmentalize different stressors into groups like food and smoking habits, sedentary lifestyles, emotional stress, work pressure and so on, actually no two employees have the same reason or source of de-motivation and they are bogged down by a combination of numerous reasons.

So how can you pump up all your employees and motivate them to win the game?

How to pump up employee motivation and win the game?

According to legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, talents win the game, but if you want to win the championship you have to bank on your teams’ solid intelligence and teamwork. This can be a learning curve for all supervisors and middle-level managers. Great leaders, generals bank on these two qualities of subordinates to lead their team and defeat the toughest of the competitors.

So here we have two factors that boost up employee motivation and are the key to winning the game:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Intelligence

If you want to erase the stressors from your employees’ minds and bring the focus back to work, you have to make then chase a common objective. When they taste the blood of winning; nothing stops them from winning the game.

Now how to use these two keys to boosting employee motivation?

A. Teamwork

Teamwork comes from team spirit. Team spirit is the resultant of two factors: 

1.The power of goal setting:  

Don’t ignore the power of goal setting. If you can balance between the stretching limits of your employees and make them visualize their goals – you are done !! You would be highly amazed to see how these colts run after success and forget their daily stressors.

2. Giving them perspective:

Spending some quality time with your employees at office canteen or in pubs can be very fruitful. You should gel with your colleagues and subordinates to understand how they behave in different conditions and lend emotional support. This can be a fine opportunity to let others know what your working style is. Thus you come to a mutual understanding with your colleagues on how you people love to work. Now find a common denominator which works well.

B. Intelligence

Intelligence bears fruit with proper nurturing from emotional intelligence. Goleman’s theory, in particular, points out how nurturing our emotional intelligence can boost up our productivity. As a supervisor and manager, you need to understand the causes of emotional fatigue among your employees and help them to manage their emotions. Once your employees learn to take care of their emotional ups and downs they understand how to erase stressors from their life and stay motivated for a longer period of time.

So Employee Motivation – which is the key to winning the game have few tick boxes, they are:

  1. Employee Motivation is the key to winning the game 
  2. No two employee actually have the same reason of burnouts
  3. Teamwork and intelligence – these are the keys to keeping employees motivated to win the game
  4. These two keys have 3 subfactors, they are: 
    • goal setting 
    • shared perspective 
    • emotional intelligence

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. —Michael Jordan