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There are managers who are great leaders. There are managers who are trusted by employees and are approachable and encourage frankness from subordinates.

Many managers became great leaders by virtue of leading the organization from within and transforming them into organizations of disrupting innovations.

Google and Apple are two organizations, where its leaders are loved and admired by all over the globe. These leaders have successfully transformed their organization into institutions that usher disruptive innovations decades after decades.

And this has catapulted these leaders as personalities who are loved and admired to work with, and they have ensured the impact they created will last in their absence.

So, what are the qualities that determine a leader who is loved and admired to work with?

A leader who is loved and admired have these following qualities:

They can dream big and inspire the whole organization: These great leaders have an insane vision, their dreams are so big, giant, that ordinary people would never dare to dream such things any time. But these leaders with their confidence and faith in their leadership abilities ignite and inspire a thousand people to dream like them and creates a unified vision to move forward and take giant steps forward.

They don’t negotiate with the benchmark they set at any cost: Great leaders are merciless in terms of the quality standards of their products and services and demands continuous improvements and constant innovations of high standards. They not only think out of the box but forces the whole team to think outside the box in terms of solutions and innovations.

They believe in small daily wins and not in big bangs: Great leaders who are loved and admired, work with a belief that small daily wins create milestones. They expect the whole team to complete the daily tasks effectively each and every day, round the year.

For them, if the employees need to be successful, consistency is the key. It’s not one day, but every day everybody must follow the plans and work towards to make the dream successful.

They have great faith in the capabilities of the teammates: Great leaders though seldom heap praise on the team publicly, but their inner core has strong faith in the capabilities of the teammates. The teammates can fail a hundred times, but they know they shall learn from their mistakes and ultimately shall achieve success.

They are people who lead with the heart and value human emotions: A leader who is loved and admired to work with puts great emphasis on forging warm relationships with employees. They put great value on the feelings and emotions of their employees and teammates and finds space aside from the work, where they keep in touch with everybody in the organization.

He may not see every person every day, but he exactly knows how a particular person is doing, what are the problems he may be facing in the organization.

Leaders are loved and admired because they make everybody who comes in touch with them – warm and comfortable.

Whether a leader will be loved and admired is determined by the fact of how he adds a sense of purpose and love in the everyday work of his employees and teammates. People spend so many hours at the office or at work. They look for a boss who makes them feel accomplished at the end of the day after a hard day’s work. These are the qualities that determine a leader who is loved and admired to work with.

People love to work with leaders who can give them a sense of pride even long after they leave the organization, a feeling that their work has added immense value in their life.