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A most common complaint about the bosses is leaving workers feeling underappreciated and de-motivated.

More than four in 10(42%) have quit the job because they had a ‘bad boss’ as per research from the lead generation company Approved Index. The researchers found that the most common complaint about bosses was leaving their workers feeling underappreciated.

Overworking their team or expressing favoritism for the other team members were also common criticism. The travel and tourism, marketing PR sectors have high rates of workers walking out over poor management.

It is well known that the majority of the employees leave the manager rather than companies.

Managers are the gatekeepers to the employer brand and candidate experience, and they can make or break it. It is vital to have good leaders who inspire their people each and every day and live and breathe a good brand image.

One thing we can virtually guarantee: All of the employees are very different. Some are introverts, some are extroverts. Some are adventurous whereas others prefer the security of the familiar. Some might require extra guidance, others are much more independent workers. Some are probably fresh out of college. Others might be putting their kids through college.

The point is that employees have a different background, are at different stages of their lives, and are motivated by different things.  The biggest mistake made is trying to force a one-size-fits-all solution to a diverse workforce.

When it comes to management one-size doesn’t fit all. Some people need more supervision and instruction while others need more independence and trust. A manager’s job is to asses and adapt to the behavioral pattern of each individual and motivate them for the work. They may have to go outside the established protocol to make things happen.

Competition can be a great motivator but if we let it get out of hand, the conflict will arise. The challenge is not to get the top performers to perform better but to train them to pull up everyone around them and build a well-oiled machine. Although individual success can be hugely rewarding, often team wins can have a bigger impact.

This is a great way to encourage innovation and support new ideas and will help team bond over growth opportunities and deliver proper organizational growth.