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Extra-curricular activities help a person to pursue his or her interest outside of the standard curriculum. For example – A guy is good at cricket but has less time to have focus on it because of his work life. So here while working for an organization, the same guy can represent the game on behalf of the company and do those activities that he is good at.

It is very important to have few extra-curricular activities because that will help the person to develop his soft skills by building up his communication skills, gelling up with new people, help in sharing and understanding their views and thoughts and also that will help the person to expand his network at the meantime.

The importance of extra-curricular activities at the workplace are as follows:

Fresh outlook: Some employees are worried to participate in extra-curricular activities because they believe that this might harm a person’s daily schedule and make them divert from achieving his/her ambition. However extracurricular activities will help a person to improve his outlook in general.

One should participate in those activities where he/she is passionate to do so and this will expand brain function and also will help you to focus on your work.

Increase Self-Esteem: The confidence level of the employees will rise by doing those things where they are passionate about. By indulging in extra-curricular activities apart from work, the employees will be able to focus on his/her creative side and that will give them a massive boost in their attitude and also might bring overall improvement in their life.

Break from the Monotony: By introducing extra-curricular activities the employees can take a break from the regular monotonous schedule and can rewind their minds from everyday issues.

This will, in turn, help the employee in becoming productive at work.

Improve Team Bonding: By indulging in an extra-curricular activity the colleagues who meet each other and work together in the regular work setting can have a different outlook at each other. By taking part in the activity together for the organization they can have a better bond and form a sense of belongingness for the organization.

Overall introducing extra-curricular activities in the workplace can bring in a lot of positive changes in the lives of the employees of the organization and can impact the organization on a positive note.