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Starting a new job can be a very important phase of a person’s career. It is very exciting as well as overwhelming at the same time.

The excitement of joining a new organization is immense but it can take a toll on you if you are not mentally prepared for the new job opportunities. To start a new chapter takes some pre-planning on the part of the new joiner.

Here are a few points that can be kept in mind to ease the anxiety of joining a new organization:

Research about the organization climate and culture:

Firstly you might have done research about the company’s background in total when you had first made the decision of going for the opportunity. But here you try to have a glimpse of the internal work culture and organizational climate.

Here you can follow the company’s original LinkedIn account and all the other social networks to have a little extra understanding of what actually happens in the organization. You can also befriend some of the existing employees of the organization and have a little glimpse through their profile of how they reflect the organization’s culture and climate.

Go through the organization’s terms and policies:

Before entering the organization you should be clear about the terms and conditions of the organization. If you have the slightest doubt regarding any of the policies or norms that the company follows you should clear it out with the HR. Read the company’s policies carefully and be sure about where you are getting in.

Be Ready to Listen and Learn:

It’s important to have a positive approach when you are starting something new. You may have years of experience and the work itself might not be new to you. But it’s important to have an open mind when you are being introduced to a new organization.

Be ready to learn new things even if it is a very small thing there is a lot to learn from everyone. Provide your valuable suggestions as and when required.

Have an idea about the dress code of the organization:

Make sure you are aware of the dress code that is followed in your new organization. Being the odd one out right on your first day at work might not be an ideal scenario. Also, choose something that you are comfortable in and are at ease wearing it.

Lastly, practice your shortest route to reach work:

It is very important to have knowledge about the shortest way to commute to work as it will save you your valuable time. Before starting your actual workday it is advisable to practice the shortest route to work as it will save you from running late on an actual day.

Here, are a few tips that you can try while starting your journey in the new organization.