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Influencing skills is an interpersonal skill that is mostly overlooked. Yet it is one of the most required skills, especially at the workplace.
It is a powerful skill that is required for being successful at work. It is required for sharing your opinions and convincing others with your opinions.

No matter who you are or where you work or what is your position, having a command on others through your influencing skills is a must for growing at the workplace.

Gaining influence is not a one day task neither is an inborn skill, it needs to be learned and it takes time. We all get influenced knowingly or unknowingly from someone, someplace it can be anything but influencing is a part of our life.

The following are the 3 ways to influence others at work:

Having the Right Communication :

How you communicate is very important in influencing skills. To convince others with your opinions and ideas, you need to present your opinions and arguments in the right way.
Your communication needs to sound confident but not aggressive, you cannot sound arrogant neither you can be passive. Not only this, while you are communicating you need to understand with whom you are communicating.

The way you present your communication in front of your boss cannot be the same way you communicate with your team members. So to have an influencer impact on others, you need to communicate in the right way.

Be Good in Listening to Others:

To influence others you need to let the other person speak. It needs to be a two-way process. You need to give due importance to what others say, what are their opinions.
This two-way process creates mutual trust which results in higher influencing.

Be Action-Oriented:

Whatever you say needs to be backed up with action. No matter how good you say but if you cannot show it, as a result, you will never be able to make an influencing effect on others. So you have to be focused on your actions and results and you need to maintain consistency. People get influenced by the person who brings results every time.

There are other things as well that are required for influencing skills, but these 3 ways to influence others at work are simple, – yet they can have a good impact on others.