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At the end of this decade enterprises would be in full swing hiring millennial candidates. This throws fresh challenges in front of HR officers who are in charge on hiring millennials. There is a paradigm shift in hiring trends for millennial candidates. The techniques which were used in hiring baby boomers will not be effective in hiring the millennial workforce. Millennials can be the right fit for your organization.

Millennial are tech-savvy. They expect transparent and constant feedback. They want to change the world, and want to work from home doing it. They expect their careers to revolve around flexibility, meaningful work, and high salaries.

As in knowledge economy we are heading for boundaryless organizations we need to understand the working conditions which has gone sea change. Gone are the days when we use to work from 10 AM – 5 PM, in secluded cubicles or in brick and mortar workshops under strict supervision of floor supervisors.

Nowadays knowledge workers generally work in projects round the clock under tight schedules. They have stringent deadlines to think of solutions which are out of box and work under multiple team leaders in ambiguous situations. Maternity leave are in vogue and sabbatical are frequent. And many prefer to work from home.

With rising economies like China, India, Brazil and the like most of the global jobs of Multi National Companies have shifted to these countries. The citizens of these countries charge less and provide better service. Thus one part of the globe is suffering from a job recession type of sort. It is opening gates for ethnic tensions in many Africans and European countries.
Here are some salient aspects of successfully hiring millennial candidates:

  • They are tech-savvy
  • They want quick feedback
  • They want a transparent selection process
  • They loves scientific hiring process (better if it is competency focussed)
  • They want equity in selection process
Now how do you as HR Officer integrate these young Turks with existing employees like baby boomers in your organization? How do you prevent a cultural clash as well as balance ethnic diversity in your organization? What are the Hiring Trends for Millennial Candidates which provides complete job-fit across organizations?
The only solutions lies in recruitment process re-engineering. In recruitment-process re-engineering you need not to overhaul your whole recruitment team and go gaga over brain-storming sessions. It’s a swift silent process which can bring in sea change in a minimum amount of time.