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5 essential elements of your resume that gets you noticed by recruiters. Few Resume Building tips to create a better resume.

What are the essential elements of your resume? Do you need to be too creative to grab the attention of recruiters or hiring executives? Or being factual is the only trick for a star resume?

Truly there is no magic formula of building resume which can get you grab a plum job every time. But there are certain essential elements in your resume which can get your profile greater visibility online and get noticed by hiring officers easily.

Today most of the CVs or Resumes are sourced electronically. Most of the job applicants are tracked online either through job portals, or hired via LinkedIn or other social media.

In case of CVs or Resumes, as an applicant, you need to understand the nuances which help your profile garner greater visibility. You need to keep in mind there are thousands of applicants and you must be at the top to get noticed unless it is a very niche profile.

There are certain essential elements of your resume that can put you in the first 1-2 pages of every search that a recruiter puts in job portals.

The amount of time you have in hand to impress a recruiter with your resume is just six seconds.

How much of your resumé can the hiring officer read in six seconds? Are you making a compelling argument for yourself in those six seconds? The best part is, it all depends on you.

How you draft your resume is very important. This is both an art and science. And these form the essential parts of your resume.

An essential element of your resume – 1: Your Contact information.

Include your name, contact number, email, and URL to your LinkedIn profile right at the top of the page, and you don’t need to include your home address.

There are obvious reasons for this. Social media hiring is a game changer today. By including your LinkedIn profile, you are making it much easier for the recruiter to do a proper background check. Also, he/she will be able to take a holistic view of your profile.

You need not put your home address unless it is absolutely asked for.

An essential element of your resume – 2: Professional title and career narrative.

Make sure you don’t confuse the hiring officer by offering a vague professional title. Communicate your goals in a crystal-clear manner by including a professional title at the top of your resume.

Also make sure your career narrative is precise, crisp and impactful. It should be interesting to read.

An essential element of your resume – 3: Put Keywords that are vital and trending to your job profile.

This is an essential element of your resume or CV. The beginning of your resumé should include a small, well-formed gathering of keywords that describe what you do.

The science behind doing this is obvious. First, the recruiter searches for your CV or resume in Job Portals. They put keywords in searches and the software shows only those CVs which match those keywords.

Second, the hiring officer doesn’t have too much time at hand. They often skim for keywords. They are happy when your resume contains the exact keywords that have been mentioned in the Job Description.

An essential element of your resume – 4: Offering precise metrics.

Precise metrics help employers determine if you can lead a team, manage clients effectively, or grow the business. Metrics are a great way to back up your achievements. It states in clear terms how much punch you pack or how competent you are.

How to write precise metrics? For instance, if you are an Area Sales Manager, instead of just putting, “Helped grow revenue,” say something like, “Helped grow revenue by 500% to INR 3 Crores in 3monthsin period of (mention exact date) by appointing X numbers of new dealers and distributors in the Y area”.

An essential element of your resume –5: Offer White Space in your Resume.

At the very beginning, we have mentioned most of the resumes are scanned or read electronically. So take care of providing enough white space in your CV. This helps the recruiter to skim through the important portions of your resume easily and fast.

Don’t forget to highlight the important part of your CV or resume but keep it a bare minimum so that the most important part of the information is highlighted properly. Also, ensure the links or URLs you provide in your resume are working properly.

What are the other essential elements of your resume? Do mention in the comments box below. Plus share with your friends this blog so that they can add valuable comments if they want to add which may help others create better resumes.