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A job description is a written statement of what the organization is expecting from an employee to fill up the job. It gives a clear understanding of what will the responsibilities, skills, knowledge, and educations required for the position.

A job description is the first thing that you will require for managing your human resource in the organization. If you are not having a proper job description then the job responsibilities will not be clear. Without a job description, you will not be able to understand the skills and competencies that will be required for the positions. If you don’t have the job description how can you draw out your pay structure? Job descriptions are required in every phase to manage your human resource.

There are many reasons why job descriptions are required in an organization. But today we will discuss the 3 ways how Job Descriptions helps an Organization:

1) Having the “Right Candidate” at the “Right Place” – Job description gives a clarity to the organization and the candidates both with what is the requirement for the job. Candidates applying for the job gets a clear understanding whether the job is matching with their skills or not and on the other hand, interviewers taking the interview are clear whom to select and what are the things they need to focus while selecting. Not only that, once the candidate accepts the job, the candidate is clear with the role and what is the outcome the organization will expect and based on what parameters the performance will be reviewed.

2) A Good Communication Tool – When the employees are not clear with their role and responsibilities the communication with their managers and supervisors are not clear which becomes a big factor behind the employees getting dissatisfied from the organization. A well-written Job description keeps this kind of miscommunications and dissatisfactions apart. Not only these a job description doesn’t allow an employee to say that “I didn’t know that was part of my job” or “how am I going to be reviewed am not aware”. Moreover, a job description acts a form of communication through which the employee knows what is the organization expecting from him/her to achieve.

3) Having the Right Compensation Pay – Job Description acts as a guide for matching up with the industry standards in terms of compensation. It helps you in drawing your organizations pay structure which is at par with the industry through which neither you are paying more nor you are paying less. In fact, job description helps you to match up the pay structure as per the skills as well.

It is the job description through which your organization’s goals can be connected with the job roles of your employees and to conclude these are the 3 ways how job descriptions helps an organization – it helps in recruiting the right candidate, it helps to give a clear communication to the employees about their roles and responsibilities and it helps in standardizing the compensation structure.