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The job descriptions are one of the most important factors for an organization. It is the one thing which will be required in every phase of an employee. But being such an important factor still, it is not used in a proper way till date.

Have you ever thought after the strategies of the organization are finalized then how to link it with the employees? The answer is very simple and very much known by everyone – it’s through designing a proper job description for each profile. Job Descriptions are not only for hiring but today they are useful in entire employee life cycle management (ELC).

Job description gives a clear idea of every job role in an organization. It consists of the Key Responsibility Areas Skills Required, Qualification Required, Objective of the Role in the organization

Though job descriptions are required in most of the phases of the employees. Following are the areas which we will discuss:

# Recruitment – If you don’t have a clear idea of what is going to be the job role of the profile for which you are currently hiring, how you are supposed to recruit the right fit for the vacancy. It is through the job descriptions that you and the candidates will get a clear idea of what is going to be the job role and whether the candidates are matching up with the requirements or not.

# Training & Development – Job description and training & development have a very crucial link. Job description helps us to assess the gap of the employees that is required to match up with the requirement of the organization. And according to the gap assessment, a proper training and development plan for each of the employee can be drawn.

# Retention – One of the major concern for most of the organization is to retain the employees and to do those different kinds of engagement and satisfaction survey and programs are conducted. These are required but above all these, it is very much required that the employees are having a clear clarity about their job roles and what are the parameters in which they will be evaluated. Clarity in job role is something which can help in managing attrition and job description gives the required clarity among the employees which helps them to clear with their job roles.

# Competency Mapping – In recent times every organization is focusing on having competent human resources. In fact, being a competent organization nowadays is required to compete in this business world. But to create the competency framework of any organization the first thing which is required is a proper and structured job description.